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JOHN DWYER. Policy mayhem is stifling efforts to have more Australian doctors “in the bush” – part one

In this two part article, I am reviewing the basis for the serious problem we have in providing adequate health care for Australians who live in rural, and particularly, remote areas. Good intentions are, as ever, intertwined with political machinations … Continue reading

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MUNGO MacCALLUM. the National Party is ‘feeling its oats’.

Mungo MacCallum writes that the National Party may not yet be out of control but it represents a far more frightening prospect to Turnbull and the Liberals than the cross-benchers ever will.

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John Menadue. The Coalition, rural poverty and rural health.

Repost from 16/01/2015 The Coalition which represents most rural electorates in Australia is failing to adequately represent low income earners in their electorates, particularly in the provision of health services. The loss of the federal seat of Indi and the … Continue reading

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Cavan Hogue. Russia boycott.

Anyone with any knowledge of Russia could have told the Prime Minister that his gratuitous public and personal attacks on Mr Putin and on Russia in general would lead to retaliation. Russia was left with no other option except humiliation … Continue reading

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National Party fails farmers. John Menadue

Warren Truss and Barnaby Joyce have allowed the National Party to be dragged along at the heels of the Liberal Party on climate change and other issues. What was it that Tony Abbott said about climate change being ‘bullshit’? Australian … Continue reading

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