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JOHN MENADUE. Medical specialists – high fees and poor accountability.

So much of the public attention is on care in general practice, but specialist healthcare has some very serious problems. The first is excessive remuneration of many specialists. In some cases it could only be described as greed. The second … Continue reading

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John Menadue. Hoist with their own petard

Private health insurance funds like NIB are complaining about high specialist fees. But these very same funds are major contributors to the problem. And it is a problem. In the last 30 years we have seen a dramatic increase in … Continue reading

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Lesley Russell   Too high: the impact of specialists’ fees on patients’ health

In today’s health care debates around the centrality of primary care, moving towards patient-centred medical homes, improving care coordination for people with chronic illnesses and whether private health insurance provides value for money, there is one element that is almost … Continue reading

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Jennifer Doggett. Co-payments in the Australian Health System

Policy Series. The growing problem of out-of-pocket health care costs in health care is undermining the benefits of Medicare and creating a barrier to increasing fairness, opportunity and security throughout our health system. Out-of-pocket costs are the direct payments made … Continue reading

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