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WILLIAM PESEK. In Asia, ghosts of crises past return amid Trumpian trade war.

In a region where traces of the 2008 and 1997-98 carnage linger, Washington’s assault on Asia’s biggest growth engine could ignite another disaster. 

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SHIRO ARMSTRONG. Japan’s high stakes diplomacy with the US and China. (East Asia Forum 14.10.2018)

Japan is now fully embarked on navigating a course through the economic and national security minefield that lies between the United States and China.

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GRAEME STEWART. Growing inequality in access to health care is curable.

It has been sad to observe the growth in out-of-pocket expenses for patients seeking expert medical consultation and the resultant rising inequality in access to timely care and in health outcomes (“Specialists charging extreme fees”, March 6. These twin inequities … Continue reading

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VINCENT BEVINS. Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s Would-be Dictator.

For most of his twenty-seven-year career in national politics, Jair Bolsonaro has been a fringe figure on the far right of Brazilian politics, hopping among nine different political parties and yelling his support for Brazil’s bygone military dictatorship into empty … Continue reading

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DOROTHY HORSFIELD. The St Petersburg International Economic Forum. A New World Order?

One of the most interesting aspects of this year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum was the way it undermined commonplaces about a post-Soviet Russia with an economy is on the skids as a result of sanctions, international vilification, and its overdependence on … Continue reading

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RICHARD ECKERSLY. Getting to the heart of democracy’s decline.

The crisis in democracy is much discussed these days, but almost entirely in political terms that ignore its deeper causes. In this sense, the mainstream news media can be considered ‘enemies of the people’, peddling ‘fake news’.

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GREG JERICHO. Australia’s climate idiocracy must end – and there’s no time to waste.

The Liberal party’s biggest con was the idea that reducing emissions could be done without pain and at little cost. 

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CATHERINE STUBBERFIELD. UNHCR urges Australia to evacuate off-shore facilities as health situation deteriorates.

The following is a transcript of the remarks by Spokesperson for the UNHCR Regional Representation in Canberra, Catherine Stubberfield  at today’s press briefing(12 October 2018) at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. 

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LOGAN PAULEY. China stakes out a role for itself in post-war Syria.

As Syria’s civil war winds down, China is looking to establish itself as an economic, and possibly military, partner for the post-war period. 

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ALAN FINKEL. The science is clear: we have to start creating our low-carbon future today.

This week’s release of the special report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has put scientific evidence on the front page of the world’s newspapers.

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IPCC -The various risks from global warming.

This a graph from the new IPCC report that the Coalition tried to sabotage. The below graph depicts a range of impacts to a variety of systems of different global temperature outcomes, from white (undetectable) to yellow (detectable) to red … Continue reading

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ANDREW GLIKSON. The road to 2oC and beyond: IPCC warnings of extreme global warming.

Scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicate that global temperature rise of 1.5°C above pre-industrial temperatures would constitute a threshold the planet cannot cross without suffering the worst effects of climate change. Yet according to the U.N. … Continue reading

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SARAH ANN WHEELER, CÉLINE NAUGES. Farmers’ climate denial begins to wane as reality bites.

Australia has been described as the “front line of the battle for climate change adaptation”, and our farmers are the ones who have to lead the charge. Farmers will have to cope, among other pressures, with longer droughts, more erratic … Continue reading

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PERCY ALLAN. Process, not Policy is where Left/Right can Agree.

The End of Hegemony The battle between Left and Right is intensifying. Major parties thinks they will win this contest at the ballot box.

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PETER RYAN. ‘Big four’ accounting firms should face banking royal commission to prove independence, former ASIC investigator says.

A former forensic investigator at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has called for the major accounting firms hired to audit and approve sensitive company reports to be brought before the financial services royal commission to prove their independence.

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KATE MALTBY. What to Expect When a Woman Accuses a Man in Power.

Last week, the world gazed on as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified against a man backed by the strongest political forces in America. I couldn’t watch.

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WILLIAM PESEK. ‘Great Depression’ ahead? IMF sounds dire warning.

Massive government debts and eroded fiscal buffers since 2008 suggest global dominos await a single market crash. 

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USHA M RODRIGUES. New research shows how Australia’s newsrooms are failing minority communities.

Australians from culturally diverse backgrounds often feel frustrated about media coverage of news events and issues that portray them in a negative light. A new study analysing media coverage of issues related to multicultural Australia found that more than a … Continue reading

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JENNIFER DOGGETT. AIHW Health Expenditure Australia 2016-17 report – five key lessons.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)  has released its Health expenditure Australia 2016–17 report. This report contains detailed data on expenditure throughout our health system and is a valuable resource for governments, policy makers and health stakeholders.

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JERRY ROBERTS. Is Ken Wyatt’s position tenable?.

Ken Wyatt is one of the few high-class acts in a low-class environment known as the Australian Federal Parliament. If he is driven out of the place it will be the Parliament’s loss, not Ken’s

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GRAHAM ALLISON. The Myth of the Liberal Order: From Historical Accident to Conventional Wisdom.

Among the debates that have swept the U.S. foreign policy community since the beginning of the Trump administration, alarm about the fate of the liberal international rules-based order has emerged as one of the few fixed points. From the international … Continue reading

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. Death of a Real-Life Publisher.

In June this year I posted in these pages a piece entitled  ‘ Meanings of War’. It reported the publication of new translations and editions of the German-language classic Simplicius Simplicissimus, first-published in its original German edition in 1669.

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KIM WINGEREI. The Ghosts of Eureka.

The Ghosts of Eureka are still haunting us. Terra Australis has come a long way since the rebellion of 1854, but that last crucial step to become a fully independent nation again, remains elusive.

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NILE BOWIE. The world according to Mahathir.

Malaysian premier is re-emerging as a strident yet pacifist spokesman for the non-aligned interests of the developing world.

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JOHN MENADUE. We all owe a lot to great teachers.

Recently I chatted with a friend about how much we all owe to some teachers and mentors. So I decided to share, with a few minor changes, what I wrote about twenty years ago about two teachers to whom I … Continue reading

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NICK BRYANT. How right-wing Scott Morrison became Australia’s sixth prime minister in 11 years.

It’s a measure of how far Australian conservatism has turned towards the Trumpian that Morrison was considered the mainstream candidate.

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PETER WHITEFORD. Relax. The divide between the taxed and the ‘taxed-nots’ isn’t new and doesn’t buy elections.

Might government benefits, and government employment, be a self sustaining machine – one in which those who benefit from government payments deliver the votes needed to ensure they continue?

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STEPHEN LONG. Tesla battery proves a leading source of dispatchable power, AEMO says .

Scott Morrison said it would be about as useful for the electricity system as the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour or the Big Prawn at Ballina in NSW. He has a habit with fake news.

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REG LITTLE. Rethinking Australian Strategic Thinking on China.

Disarray and confusion amongst the values, ideals, narratives and mythologies of the English-speaking peoples will increasingly press Australia to choose between a familiar past tending to decline and disarray and a challenging and daunting China-focused future.

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GERALDINE DOOGUE, AMY DONALDSON. Bill Hayden explains why he decided to be baptised.

Apart from being Australia’s second longest-serving governor-general and introducing the first version of Medicare, Bill Hayden is probably best known for being a vocal and even hostile atheist.

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