Ross Gittins says that we would be mugs to panic and cut our company tax rate.

In his book review of Polanyi’s A Life on the Left in the New York Review of Books, Robert Kuttner argues that ‘Democracy cannot survive an excessively free market and containing the market is the task of politics.”

In his book review on Inequality and the Coming Storm, Edoardo Campanella comments: “the super-rich are not all the same. Some are entrepreneurs or entertainers who create real wealth for society. Others run hedge fund, private equity firms or other rent seeking businesses who contribute nothing or little.” Inequality and the Coming Storm by Edoardo Campanella – Project Syndicate

Laura Kipnis in the New York Review of Books says ‘Like  beauty contestants, women at Fox are hired on the basis of looks, then laminated into near mannequins…the optics at Fox make clear what’s expected from women’. Rupert Murdoch boasts his businesses reflect his values.


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Tony Mitchell

Relevant to the Trump Administration still not having appointed an ambassador to Canberra. Please see NY Times today 31/12/17 re our High Commissioner in London telling tales
to the FBI re his drinkies with Papadopoulos at a function. Does Donald feel aggrieved about this critically embarrassing contact ?

Happy New Year