GREG JERICHO. Coalition’s lies, damned lies and election-winning strategies (The Guardian)

No, the government doesn’t care about reducing carbon emissions and no, the economy is not strong. 

This week highlighted a number of massive problems we have in this country.

The most obvious of course is the horrendous intrusions on freedom of the press. But a close second is the revelation about how poorly we debate and treat issues of the economy and climate change.

Everything you need to know about how we rate the importance of climate change is how the latest economic national accounts and greenhouse gas emissions data were released.


This post kindly provided to us by one of our many occasional contributors.

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3 Responses to GREG JERICHO. Coalition’s lies, damned lies and election-winning strategies (The Guardian)

  1. Charles Lowe says:

    Sorry for the outright cynicism – but try selling this message to Central Qld coal workers!

  2. Jim KABLE says:

    Bravo to both Greg Jericho – and to the response from John Doyle. Friedeggburg is a political-midget – an IPA-ideologue of little nous and no intelligence – who deserves to be made personally accountable (as with ALL ministers of whatever national portfolios) for the disasters he wreaks on the national purse and on our fellow citizens! And those who secretly fund the IPA should also be made accountable! Here’s looking at you, Gina!

  3. John Doyle says:

    We bought the lies and protected the hip pocket nerve. A good friend of mine voted to stop himself going on a pension. None of the substantive issues got a look in. She’s alright enough, mate! Labor did a John Hewson manoeuvre and paid the price. Yet it was all utterly unnecessary. If Labor understood real economics [as opposed to the neo-liberal take] they would have known there was absolutely no need to cut pensions, and any other benefit. Taxes do not pay even 1 cent towards Commonwealth spending. The budget deficit is the source of all the currency. Spending creates it and pays the bills at the same time. So that also points up the budget surplus fiction,Again Labor stumbled. Truly an epic wound was the call for an even bigger surplus than the LNP wanted. Anyone with any understanding of accountancy and book keeping knows a budgetis a device for balancing spending and income and resets to zero ever year. Here a surplus is a surplus of Tax over spending, a deficit is a surplus of spending over tax. there is no saving or spending of a budget surplus. It is just a difference, which has to be filled to balance the books. The government cannot fill it the non government sector has to spend some of its assets to get a balance. So the economy is stripped of that sum and we see a recession looming. So a surplus is the LAST thing we need to avoid a recession. The LNP is aiming for a recession unless they turn turtle. Serves us all right if they succeed!

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