KIM WINGEREI. Independent Media Continues to Grow!

Independent media continues to grow apace, while mainstream media is at best stagnant. Based on data provided by SimilarWeb – a global online traffic measurement service – independent media traffic has grown by 9.76% from November 2018 to February 2019*. During the same period the top corporate mainstream media sites** grew by 1.1%.

A piece I wrote here a couple of months ago resonated with readers and spurred me on to start theIndependents – an independent media “portal” promoting the strength and diversity of independent media in Australia. The purpose is to promote independent media in all its forms, but especially the plethora of sites providing independent commentary unencumbered by corporate bias, mostly free of infotainment and boldly standing up to to Government without fear or favour.

Some of the notable performer among the 30 independents measured were:

Our list does not include ABC News, The Guardian and the New Daily – the latter two also continuing to grow at a healthy rate and gaining influence.

Well may we lament the power that the infotainment giants have, but the best way to combat it is to stop reading their papers. Independent media has so much more to offer in terms of diversity of opinion, depth and insight.

For a list of participating independent media sites – click here.

Respectful free speech is alive and well and available when knowing where to look!

* Based on visitor traffic for 30 independent media sites in November 2018 vs February 2019 – adjusted for a 28 day month.
** Based on sample of The Australian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and

Kim Wingerei is a former business-man, turned writer and commentator. Passionate about free speech, human rights, democracy and the politics of change. Originally from Norway, lived in Australia for 30 years. Author of ‘Why Democracy is Broken – A Blueprint for Change’. Follow @ / Twitter @kwingerei


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4 Responses to KIM WINGEREI. Independent Media Continues to Grow!

  1. Thanks Kim, There are also specialist blogs. Two that I follow are David Ruccio’s Real World Economic Review and Bill Mitchell’s Billy Blog, where I have started making a comment or two.

  2. Kim Wingerei says:

    Thanks Jocelyn, you’ve hit the nail on the head as to why I set up the site – to promote the plethora of independent commentary. I can’t put a link in the comment, but there is a link to the data in the article to answer your question re the base (the MSM data is based on Roy Morgan’s surveys)

  3. Evan Hadkins says:

    That’s a wonderful initiative Kim, thanks.

  4. Jocelyn Pixley says:

    This is an encouraging sign, although, apart from ABC News which can gain more viewers than most commercial channels, I don’t know the usage of the ‘independent’ media. You give the growth but not the base from which it’s measured.
    The major issue I look for is policy debate. Most politicians do not discuss policy, as was painfully obvious in the NSW elections on Saturday; but nor does the Mainstream Media and the ABC has been somewhat hobbled, to put it politely. The independent media excels in policy debate, so I’m thankful.

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