JOHN MENADUE. Creeping privatisation of public land. The new squatters

Not only is a developer wanting to construct a ‘wedding factory’ in the South Head National Part, but private interests have erected big tents on adjacent Camp Cove Beach for a party on Sunday 19 August 2018 (last night).  Camp Cove Beach is one of the most beautiful and historic beaches in Australia. It is remarkable that private interests can take over a public beach like this in Australia for a private party..  We just don’t do that! What  a hide!

The new private squatters are intruding again into our public space.


John Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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2 Responses to JOHN MENADUE. Creeping privatisation of public land. The new squatters

  1. Avatar Jim KABLE says:

    Unlike Europe, unlike the US – I used to boast in both places – all beaches in Australia are for the public. They simply cannot be used for private interests, blocked off to public access. We have democratic rights in Australia. For all of us – not just for the few or the monied interests. Let’s get the laws, the legislation, the regulations permitting this stealthy taking back of the commons – and write legislation trumping/over-riding any of this robbery – for all time outlawed. No selling off public land, recreation areas – no tall towers within a km of public beaches, public parklands, picnic areas – and maybe even (flights of fancy here folks) fair warning that any such buildings or privatisation will be demolished/reversed – a period of time given for persons to vacate/give back at the price they paid. And the politicians traced who permitted this ‘robbery’ of the commons to take place – and severe penalties awarded against their family estates.

  2. Avatar Max Bourke AM says:

    Appalling I am amazed that they have been allowed to do that!

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