John Menadue. Fairness, Opportunity and Security – Filling the policy vacuum

I sense that there is great public concern that both the government and opposition keep playing the political and personal game at the expense of informed public discussion of important policy issues.

We have become concerned about the trustworthiness of our political, business and media elite. Insiders and vested interests are undermining the public interest. Money is unduly influencing political decisions. There is gridlock on important issues like climate change and taxation.

After a near death experience Tony Abbott has said the he is open to new thinking and ways of governing. ‘Good government begins today’  Time will tell. Bill Shorten has said that 2015 will be the year of ideas. I hope so.

In this blog over the next few months I will be posting a series of articles on important policy issues. I posted a three parter on health policy on January 27, 28 and 29.

There will be range of contributors.Some  have contributed in the past to this blog

Each of the policy articles will be about 2000 words. They will not be “pie in the sky’ but realistic, given our political and financial constraints.

It is planned that these policy articles will be published in a book by ATF Press in October/November this year

Policy areas to be canvassed

Economic policy

Fixing the budget




Job creation and participation

Foreign policy

Security, both military and soft power.


 Development of our human capital in the fields of education, science, research and development and innovation.

Transport and infrastructure


Welfare priorities

Retirement incomes

Indigenous affairs

Communications and the Arts

Environment and climate change


Role of government including tackling corruption and bad behaviour

Democratic renewal – the lack of trust in government and the hollowing out of our political parties.

Terrorism and internal security whilst protecting of our freedoms



John Laurence Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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3 Responses to John Menadue. Fairness, Opportunity and Security – Filling the policy vacuum

  1. Avatar Prof Tony Broe says:

    While it has been great sport watching Abbott thrashing about – failing in his efforts to sell his ideologically based unfair agenda on tertiary education funding, Medicare fees, lack of child care and the 6 months before the dole, coal exports and the RET etc etc this just underlines how bankrupt Turnbull & Bishop are (without having Abbotts degree of ideological bias) – I guess waiting in the wings is also keeping them quiet on policy. Labour politicians were ineffective during Abbott’s totally negative years without policies as Opposition Leader – they were facing Donald Duck, but they made him look like Mohammed Ali – as a mate has put it. And now Labour/Shorten are struggling to come up with policies themselves. So I am really looking forward to the broad policy agenda you outline….Someone has to do it.

  2. Avatar Don Aitkin says:

    I look forward to them, and I hope you get someone other than a believer to write about ‘the environment and ‘climate change’. Ask Garth Paltridge…

  3. Avatar Michael D.Breen says:

    Great stuff and about time for the voters. As you suggest both parties are lobbing shots over a low tennis net and missing out on the bigger game and the genuine future of the nation. Shorten and Labor are having a dream run mocking the bleedingly obvious, but are on vacation when it comes to new narratives about the issues you list above. I for one will be watching the spaces you promise with the opportunities to draw attention of others to these central issues.

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