John Menadue. Freedom of speech and Charlie Hebdo

The attacks on journalists and others at Charlie Hebdo have quite rightly attracted a great deal of attention.  But Charlie Hebdo can be outrageously provocative. See below this ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting which Charlie Hebdo published in its last edition of 2014.

It says:

Shit in the creches
Finish off the handicapped
Shoot all military personnel
Strangle the priests
Make mincemeat of the cops
Burn down the banks.

I say no more!   John Menadue

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One Response to John Menadue. Freedom of speech and Charlie Hebdo

  1. Peter Hambly says:

    It is probably intended to be even more provocative than you suggest. It can be read as ‘shit in the Nativity Scenes’. A creche can be a model of the manger with Joseph and Mary with some straw around them. These are very popular in the south of France where the painted clay model figures are common. The line can have a cruder meaning, namely ‘defile the Christmas scene’. It gives you an idea of what Charlie Hebdo is really like. Peter Hambly

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