JOHN MENADUE. The terrorism threat here is because our troops are over there.

Compared to other risks, we have little to fear from terrorism. In the last two decades only three people in Australia have died from terrorism. But there is a ‘vividness’ bias in terrorism because it stands out in our minds. Importantly, a lot of politicians, businesses, stand to gain from exaggerating the terrorist threat. It is also easy news for our failing and lazy media.  This is a repost from 14 February 2017.

We will have a deluge of stories about the London terrorist attack. There will be little sense of proportion in death and risks everywhere in the world.  John Menadue. 

According to an ANU poll, more than half of Australian adults are concerned that we will be targets for terrorism.. But Greg Austin in The Conversation has pointed out that ‘terrorist attacks in Australia have claimed the lives of only three people in the last decade’. ‘Australians have little to fear from terrorism at home – here’s why’.

Compare this terrorist risk to other risks in our lives.

  • In the two years 2014 and 2015, more than 318 people, mainly women, died from domestic violence. We spend billions to counter terrorism, but we spend a pittance on protecting women and children in the home.
  • Australia’s daily alcohol toll is 15 deaths and 430 hospitalisations. But blaming Muslim extremists is much easier than taking on the powerful alcohol lobby.
  • As Bernard Keane in Crikey has pointed out during 2003-12, there were 2,617 homicides, 190 deaths from accidental gun discharges, 137 rural workers and farmers died from falling off vehicles, 206 died from electrocution and 1,700 indigenous people died from diabetes.

In ‘The security threat from climate change’ in this blog, Christian Downie described the growing threats to food security, water security, and energy supply as a result of climate change. In 2015 the Pentagon warned that ‘climate change is an urgent and growing threat to our national security’. But that warning is usually drowned out by the incessant drum beat of terrorism.

The Australian Climate Institute estimates that more than 1,000 Australians die each year due to higher temperatures which are very likely caused by global warming. The Climate Council describes rising temperatures as a ‘silent killer’. In The Conversation on May 5, 2015, Kerstin Zander and others estimated that heat stress costs Australia $A6.9 billion per annum in lost productivity.

But despite all the evidence about these risks being far greater than the risk of terrorism, there is no doubt that Australians are worried about the terrorist threat.

Why is that?

There are several reasons. One is what psychologists describe as the ‘vividness effect’. Debra Schroder describes it this way.

Events that stand out in our minds have more influence on our beliefs about the world than statistics and graphs.  Risk assessment provides some good examples.  Some people are terrified to fly, but think nothing of crawling into a car and driving an equal distance.  This, despite the fact that flying is much safer.  But, vivid reports of one large airplane crash stand out in our minds more than the 3 to 4 people killed per car crash which actually adds up to more people mile for mile.  Anecdotes also draw on the power of the vividness effect.  For example, despite the fact that research has been unable to link vaccines and autism, vivid anecdotes continue to sway the beliefs of many in the general public that there is such a connection.  

Terrorists, like insurance salespeople, know this vividness bias well and capitalize on it. For vividness effect they attack trains, train stations airlines and crowded areas.

Another reason why there is such a strong interest in anti terrorism is that powerful and influential vested interests have sprung up that depend for profits, funding and employment in heightening the terrorist threat. Even universities are scrambling to join this booming industry. Just think of the mountains of nail clippers the new and expensive security machines have been able to detect at airports. Far more importantly, the vast military/corporate/intelligence communities in the US and their satellites in Australia benefit from heightening the terrorist threat and the vast military expenditures that flow from it.

Our intelligence agencies, ASIO, ASIS and others have greatly increased funding and powers to combat the terrorism threat. I have found that the easiest way to get money out of governments is to focus on security threats.

Another reason for the exaggeration of the terrorist threat is that some Australian governments see fear as a very potent and partisan political opportunity.. Politicians like John Howard and his successors owe a great deal to the heightened terrorist threat. The more we can be alarmed the greater they see the political benefit. Yet John Howard, by involving us in Iraq and the subsequent deaths and disaster in the Middle East, is more responsible for the terrorism in Australia than any other person in this country. Terrorism is over here because our troops are over there. Millions of Muslim people, including a lot of hot-heads, are appalled at the suffering we and our allies have inflicted on Muslim lands. If there is one thing we could do to reduce terrorism in Australia, it would be for us to get our troops out of the Middle East as quickly as possible. But our government will not admit the original Iraqi invasion mistake and does not want to forego the political bonus it sees from the terrorism threat.

In this exploitation of the fear of terrorism, perception wins against facts at almost every turn. There is a perception in NSW for example, in the related area of crime which is conveyed by the media, that crime in NSW is on the increase. But on almost every important measure, crime rates are substantially down in the last five years. Our media conveys a very different story – worsening threats.

In the exaggerated threat from foreigners our Border Force, together with the AFP and State police, give us frequent and breathless reports about another record drug haul from overseas.. But we know that our drug enforcement policies are failing and that we need to address the drug menace in a very different way. See Alex Wodak’s article in this blog ‘Do large seizures of illicit drugs really make a difference?’ We have the sham of our media in cooperation with the Border Force and the police, suggesting that somehow these drug seizures are effective in addressing our drug problem. They are not but perception is important for political purposes and so avoid any discussion of the failure of anti drug policies in Australia and around the world. And of course there are a lot of jobs at stake in the Border Force and in the police!

In short, the terrorist threat is grossly exaggerated. That is not to say it must not be addressed. But we have the whole issue out of proportion. There are very powerful vested interests that rely on exaggerating the threat – governments, politicians, business, intelligence agencies, police, think-tanks and even our universities.

We have surely reached an absurd point where the new NSW premier appoints a new Minister for ‘Counter Terrorism’. When we already have a Minister for Police.


John Laurence Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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9 Responses to JOHN MENADUE. The terrorism threat here is because our troops are over there.

  1. Avatar michael lacey says:

    The neocons do not want this to change it is a good money spinner! National Governments serve the interests of corporations. They want all the military force we can stand to pay for and we never see a weapons system they didn’t like. This coupled with
    supporting intervention in sovereign nations creates a permanent war scenario feeding their coffers.

  2. Avatar Peter Small says:

    A Russian General remarked as Russia was exciting Afghanistan in the 1989 war. “Every time a farmer returns home from the fields and finds his family splattered against the wall, you create another terrorist”. How may terrorist has Australia and the West lead by the US now created? And to think Tillerson is going to rev up the US (and probably Australia’s) involvement in Syria, just as Syria supported by her allies is getting the area under control. This is sacrilege and a war crime. Perhaps there is something in the story that Turnbull is delivering to his “masters”.- Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and the rest of that corrupt crowd! Where can we find a leader who is a true patriot and puts Australia and her peoples’s interests first?

  3. Avatar Frank Carter says:

    Thank you for this very constructive post. We have terrorism because we as a nation of white fellows don’t respect the religion of Mohammed. We still maintain the antiquated religions of Christianity and Judaism despite them having been made obsolete by the teachings of the Qu’ran and the Hadith. The religion of Islam is much more modern and current, and is growing far more rapidly. Our governments needs to legislate to push the two other antiquities off the map.

    Our ignorant adherence to populism (aka “democracy”) is also to blame.

  4. Avatar Edward Fido says:

    “Terrorism” is one of those words which can be ruthlessly exploited by both sides of the debate on it. Where, oh where, does the truth lie? Good question. Of course “Islamic or ‘Muslim’ terrorism” is a no no phrase and leads one to be convicted before the bar of Islamophobia. 9/11 was, of course, before the invasion of Iraq. The predecessor of Isis/Daesh was, of course, al Quaida, funded by – guess who – Saudis, including, I am informed, members of the Saudi Royal Family. Now Donald Dumpf – oops Trump – is planning to take on Iran, a non-Sunni state with no connection with Isis/Daesh but which is a deadly enemy of Israel, whose settlements in Palestine/the West Bank prevent the creation of a viable Palestinian State. As they said in the Goon Show: “The plot thins,”

  5. Avatar David Brown says:

    fortunately for us, most immigrants and refugees from the Middle East are calm, thoughtful and just want to get on with their lives so amazingly, despite our dreadful crimes against their people, very few are motivated enough to think about striking back at us.
    I think mostly they see us as reasonably peaceful but seriously misled by our idiot greedy politicians and they know attacking us will just feed into their political objectives

  6. Avatar David Brown says:

    if I can see the obvious connection why cant everyone else?
    what creates terrorists?
    US/Saudi/Israel/UK/Australia bombing/killing their families
    wherever it happens, mainly in the Middle East now

  7. Avatar Bruce says:

    Was looking at the 9/11 perpetrators, almost all Saudis. Saudi Arabia had US forces based there in large numbers from the original invasion of Iraq (1990) onwards. Riyadh Air Force Base was the key US Air Force base in the middle east. These forces killed and maimed countless Muslims, and no one drew the obvious connection and conclusion.

  8. Avatar Jaquix says:

    So-called “conservatives” love to whip up the hysteria and fearmongering. Why, I cannot fathom. The fact that as stated, only 3 people have died as a result of terrorism in the last 10 years, should be compared to the fact that about 60 women a week (say 600 over those 10 years) are killed by their domestic partner. Imagine how many children are traumatised by this. Yet Turnbull cuts their funding and continues funding the fiction of “threat of terrorism, making Australia safe etc” with the expenditure of probably billions of dollars including fridge magnets, medals and gold epaulettes for the “border farce” which used to be correctly called Immigration or Customs.

    • Avatar richard le sarcophage says:

      The greatest mystery of all to me is why the ‘conservatives’ and sundry other Rightwingers are not firmly and properly denounced for what they are. I had a read of the ‘Australian’ lying around at a cafe the other day, and, in my opinion, it has not changed, saved perhaps to grow more extreme, since I last soiled my hands, eyes and soul with it a year or so again. I would argue, as forcefully as I can, that it represents more than anything else,-more than stupidity, ignorance, greed as religion, groveling to wealth and power etc- raw hatred of all that is different from the ideal Murdochite man or woman. And this hatred has flowed like a raging sewer through the affairs of this country since Murdoch set out to destroy Whitlam, forty years ago, and it is, unsurprisingly, pretty one-sided. When the decent fraction of the country cannot even mount a vigorous opposition to the Right’s direct equation of their malevolent hate speech with ‘Free Speech’, a position easily destroyed by reference to basic laws of moral philosophy and religious morality, the country’s demise is clearly both due to Rightist malignancy and the cowardice of many of their victims and those that ought to know better.

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