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A number of subscribers contacted us about losing their subscription to emails.  This was caused by some subscribers’ ISP providers rejecting emails sent by Mailpoet who manage our subscription list.  This problem has now been fixed, but as bulk emails are coming under increasing scrutiny in efforts to reduce spam across the net, we will occasionally have problems.  If you miss your daily/weekly emails, please re-subscribe on our website.  Thank you for your loyalty and your patience.  Susie and John.

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3 Responses to Message to subscribers

  1. Duncan Graham says:

    You mention your style guide. Where is it?

  2. Dear John,
    With regard to your message:
    “Message to subscribers
    A number of subscribers have contacted us about losing their subscription to emails. We understand that many subscribers no longer receive our daily emails and are unable to re-subscribe. We are trying to fix this problem with our mail-out provider and will let you know as soon as you can re-subscribe. In the meantime, could we ask you to check.”

    I have noticed this myself. I am running Mozilla Thunderbird for my emails. I have frequently found your Weekly Newsletter in my ‘Trash’ folder. I have repeatedly tagged them as ‘Not Junk’, but they keep ending up there regardless. Perhaps it has something to do with my settings – I will continue to experiment.

    Perhaps other subscribers could look in their Trash folders.

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