RICHARD DENNISS. What’s ‘left’ and ‘right’ in Australian politics today? The lines are shifting (The Guardian)

Remember when the right was accused of obsessing over market forces and the left of not understanding economics?

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3 Responses to RICHARD DENNISS. What’s ‘left’ and ‘right’ in Australian politics today? The lines are shifting (The Guardian)

  1. John Doyle says:

    The”lucky country with second rate people” was never truer than when applied to politicians. Oddly enough [or perhaps not] this is a world wide scourge. One dollar one vote swamps the one person one vote model. It all needs a rethink. Politics is the only profession where no training or experience is required. You just have to put your hand up. It serves us very poorly.

    The Constitution was written by wealthy people and they tried but it has holes. It never defines what the paramount duty of governments are. It does not spell out that the government is allowed to exist because it looks after the welfare etc of every person in the nation. We just assume it because it has to be so. It is not honoured today so there is no comeback on political parties enacting laws that do not look after the well being etc of every citizen. It is a scandal that we in a wealthy country have people sleeping rough, homeless. There should be no excuse, but there is no acknowledgment.

    Economics is vital to get right, yet no politician understands it. All they do is mouth nostrums fed them by vested interests; the household analogy*. the objective of budget surpluses*. It would be laughable if it was not so serious. In the name of economic policy serious evil is perpetrated on the poor and jobless. It has to be reversed.
    * these are totally wrong. the household analogy does not apply to a monetary sovereign government as is ours and budget surpluses are not savings, cannot be saved or spent. In fact they lead to recessions.

  2. Kerry Faithfull says:

    The Greens do not support “greater reliance on market forces and an emissions trading scheme”
    They advocate for reduction of emissions and use of fossil fuels. Its on their website, just a minute to verify your statement is all it would have taken.

  3. In the days long ago when Mark Latham was sensible, he wrote some useful stuff about insiders and outsiders: Much more useful than left and right fancy dancing. Judgements should be about who says and does what – and where they are located in relation to levers of power, i.e. whether inside or outside.

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