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ALLAN PATIENCE. Is globalization ending?

It is the fashion to declare that globalization is coming to an end. Evidence for this includes: nationalism being on the rise; protectionist policies making a come-back; borders being slammed shut; populist politicians multiplying at rabbit-like rates. Trump and Brexit, … Continue reading

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Trump and American Decay.

  In this article in Foreign Affairs, Francis Fukuyama says: The decayed American political system can be fixed only by a strong external shock that will knock it off its current equilibrium and make possible real policy reform. Trump’s victory … Continue reading

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John Menadue. Is the state being captured by special interests?

In his recent book, ‘The Origin of Political Order and Political Decay’ Francis Fukuyama of ‘End of History’ fame, focuses on how even developed and democratic societies can be captured by powerful vested interests. He suggests that this has happened … Continue reading

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