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JOHN MENADUE. It is becoming much easier to go to war.

We used to think that the gravest decision any government could make was to take its country to war. Not any more. Going to war for us has now become almost common place. We commit to war after war – … Continue reading

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John Menadue. Should we re-think Australia Day?

The Australia of today is vastly different to the Australia of my childhood with its widespread racism and sectarianism. It was socially suffocating. For those changes I am very grateful. There is a lot that we can be proud of. … Continue reading

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John Menadue. The Frontier Wars.

The following extract ‘The Frontier War’ was part of an address that I gave in September 2013 for the launch of the Catholic Social Justice Statement. It was carried on this blog at the time. It was one of many … Continue reading

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John Menadue. Commercialisation and the Casualness of Going to War

Repost from 23/04/2015. If we feel overwhelmed by the crass commercialism of Gallipoli and Anzac, take a deep breath because there are three years to go. Target has sponsored ‘Camp Gallipoli’, Woolworths has asked us to ‘Keep Fresh in our … Continue reading

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John Menadue. Best we forget – the Frontier War and the Maori Wars.

See below post I made on this subject in October 2013. John Menadue Repost.  The drumbeat grows louder.  In the lead-up to the centenary of Gallipoli in 2015 the military drums are growing louder. We are expected to cheer it … Continue reading

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