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JOHN MENADUE. Health Ministers may be in office but health providers are in power. Think medical specialists fees! (Repost from 19 April 2017)

‘Perhaps [we could consider] a review of what Pierre Trudeau and his government (in Canada) did in 1984 when they took on a system not dissimilar to ours – uncontrolled fee for service – and legislated that doctors could charge … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE. Medical specialists – high fees and poor accountability.

So much of the public attention is on care in general practice, but specialist healthcare has some very serious problems. The first is excessive remuneration of many specialists. In some cases it could only be described as greed. The second … Continue reading

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LESLEY RUSSELL. The impact of private health insurance on equity and access in specialist healthcare

Most specialists charge fairly and reasonably, but there is clearly a need to name and shame those who are over-charging and over-servicing to ensure a level playing field for the good guys – and to protect, respect and care for … Continue reading

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LESLEY RUSSELL. It is disingenuous of the Coalition to claim it has no intention of privatising Medicare.

The election campaign battle over Medicare should come as no surprise. It echoes disputes during previous campaigns and have their origins in ideological divides that date back to well before Medicare was founded and have persisted through the subsequent political … Continue reading

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Lesley Russell   Too high: the impact of specialists’ fees on patients’ health

In today’s health care debates around the centrality of primary care, moving towards patient-centred medical homes, improving care coordination for people with chronic illnesses and whether private health insurance provides value for money, there is one element that is almost … Continue reading

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Lesley Russell. The debate we’re yet to have about private health insurance.

The six previous papers in this series highlight the poorly defined role private health insurance plays in the funding and delivery of Australian health care, and how the Abbott government might allow this role to expand. But major changes to … Continue reading

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