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JOHN MENADUE – Our derivative white man’s media

Politicians are continually blamed for their failures but our media is also responsible for the state of public discussion on important issues. This downward  media spiral has been led by the Murdoch media’s abuse of power  in the three major … Continue reading

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Rod Tiffen. Murdoch’s declining influence.

Current Affairs Labor might not have noticed it yet, but Rupert Murdoch’s capacity to influence the outcome declines with each passing election. Over the past eight months, Victoria and Queensland have voted out first-term Liberal governments despite the best efforts … Continue reading

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Excluding the ABC. John Menadue

It is disappointing, at least to me that the ABC has not been the host of the election debates between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott. Instead it is has been left to Fox News, 50% owned by Rupert Murdoch, who … Continue reading

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What Rupert Murdoch told the US Ambassador about the pending Whitlam dismissal – 12 months beforehand in November 1974? Yes 1974. John Menadue

More pieces are falling into place. Last year we learned from Jenny Hockey’s second biographic volume of Gough Whitlam that a serving High Court Judge Anthony Mason from August 1975 improperly briefed Sir John Kerr about the dismissal of the … Continue reading

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