Tamie Fraser, Patron of the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre delivers a message to Peter Dutton

From twitter:


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11 Responses to Tamie Fraser, Patron of the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre delivers a message to Peter Dutton

  1. Jeff Telfer says:

    Thank you, Mrs Fraser, for a timely, compassionate and strong call to end the dreadful treatment of the asylum seekers on Manus Island.

  2. Maurice Shinnick says:

    What a brilliant stateswoman. She sees the truth and speaks it.
    Shame there are so many deaf ears in Canberra.
    Pope Fransic recently told European politicians to look at people face to face and not just read statistics. He has name tomorrow -Sunday- World Day of the Poor. They have much to teach us about how to be noble. Well done Tammie.

  3. Andrew Farran says:

    Three more cheers for Tamie.
    Dutton and Turnbull have put our nation to shame, from which it will take much valuable time to recover.

  4. Excellent. We can’t have enough people speaking up about this.

  5. Milton Moon says:

    Three cheers for Tamie Fraser.
    Show you’ve also got guts and even a skerrick of humanity P.Dutton. I wonder how you would cope if your family (or yourself) was in dire danger with children screaming with fear and nowhere to seek help?

  6. Dear Tamie,
    Thanks for your unambiguous focused message.
    Whenever I see a refugee, I see Jesus on a donkey fleeing into Egypt.
    I’v been on 42 assignments as an Aust Business Volunteer to Cambodia since 2001.
    Am 84 and with my wife Mally 83 we got back Tuesday.
    While there I met a business man whom Malcolm as PM brought ot Oz 40 years ago. He grew up here and has returned to set up dental/medical import business. A great contributor.
    Ten years ago I had an operation of a bladder neckinsision performed by a surgeon who came here as a refugee for Vietnam.
    On a personal note,, my mothers family are from Tuloona Harrow a crows fly from your Western District property
    Keep up your passion. You have my 101% support
    Michael S Parer, Professor, Norton University phnom Penh mparer33@gmail.com

  7. Peter Small says:

    Thankyou Tammie for speaking up. Its not just Dutton but the current crop of Liberals are a disgrace and makes any real liberal sick at heart and ashamed to be an Australian.

  8. Jim Kable says:

    Better still, Tamie – let’s challenge him to live alone for – a month at least – reality TV cameras watching – being played here real time – amidst the young men he has so brutalised, tortured and murdered their mates.

    But we have to keep in mind that he’s an A1 coward – forged under the (now for some irony) benign example of the great Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

    I well remember the extraordinary generosity towards refugees out of south-east Asia of the government led by your husband – one of the more remarkable conservative leaders in Australian history.

    This challenge to Dutton is well-played – but we know he’ll sidestep it – he’s a coward – as I said above!

  9. Robert Brian says:

    Hooray for Tamie Fraser. She expresses my sentiments exactly!

  10. Geoff Seaman says:

    Well done, Tamie Fraser. Your late husband, Malcolm, would strongly support you.

    You might also challenge Peter Dutton to respect the truth and not constantly seek to smear the good names of the genuine refugees so horribly treated on both Manus Island and Nauru.

  11. hazel foote says:

    Dutton has no qualms about inflicting suffering on human beings you would think the united nations would step up to the plate and make this Government accountable but i doubt any one of these career politicians like Howard who is a war criminal will be held to account for the needless suffering for his and labors government crimes against these people seeking genuine refuge nothing really changes in the world of politics

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