Amidst rising American poverty, $6M per missile response in US war on Yemen

Feb 26, 2024
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In October last year, Time Magazine reported a serious lift in poverty levels across America. You can read the full chilling report here.

General poverty in the US has almost doubled (to 12.4% or around 40 million), while child poverty has more than doubled, since 2021. Briefly, the cost-cutting, non-renewal of critical government support programmes and inflation are said to have driven poverty levels much higher.

More recently, a report in the Oriental News daily paper in Hong Kong explained that in the Red Sea, near Yemen. the American cost to shoot down a single Houthi attack-drone worth about US$10,000 was around 600 times that value. This report said that two standard anti-aircraft missiles, valued together at around US$6 million (including profit margin), are normally used to respond to such Houthi attacks. More details confirming the available, costed American missile-options, can be found in this report.

Guns before Butter” was the sharp rebuke William Jennings Bryan directed at his former boss, President Woodrow Wilson, after they fell out over Wilson’s insistence on much enhanced military production during World War I – at the cost of social spending.

Today, this distressing Time report re-confirms how “Guns before Butter” thinking continues to distort the setting of American economic priorities terribly – over 100 years after Bryan first used this term.

Meanwhile, China has lifted some 800 million people out of abject poverty over the last 40 years according to the World Bank – making up 75% of the total reduction in extreme poverty globally over the same period while its real economy is now over 40 times the size it once was. Better still, it has, for decades, assiduously avoided being drawn into any Western-style, external war-making.

It is, thus, unsurprising to discover that a recent independent European study found that, in essence, today: China Builds while America Bombs.

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