Are the Liberal/National parties in deep trouble? – Weekly roundup

Apr 1, 2023
The Australian parliament house in Canberra.

Portents of another financial crisis; do the Coalition realise they’re in deep trouble?; and why young people should be out on the streets in anger. Read on for the weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.

Macro economics – inflation, interest rates and incomes

No more cheap money. Portents of another financial crisis, but all is OK so long as central bankers don’t go feral. The ABS reveals that inflation is now down to 2.1 percent: the RBA can take a holiday. Why young people should be out on the streets in anger. More on poverty in Australia, but is it only about income?

Australia’s economic structure

How neoliberalism and the “small government” ideology set Australia back. Ken Henry’s case for tax reform – same message but with more urgency. Understanding productivity: to repeat the message it’s about working smarter, not harder. The now-strengthened emissions safeguard mechanism. How we will pay for submarines – if AUKUS ever materialises. Beaches – an untapped source of public revenue. A chance to have your say on philanthropy.

The New South Wales election

The Coalition’s 21st election setback over the last 9 years: do they realise they’re in deep trouble? How Labor‘s working class changed gender: it has implications for public revenue. How the polls got it right.

Other politics and public policy

How the Liberal Party became a subsidiary of a multinational corporation. So far only 30 Nazis have shown their faces publicly but from little things big things can grow. Researchers discover that Australians are happier than Afghans. How we went from White Australia to multiculturalism.

Public ideas

Conversations with a thoughtful treasurer. What is woke?

Vale John Kerin

The passing of a chook farmer who became one of Australia’s most loved and respected politicians.

Australia’s first nation builders

Links to sources of webinars, podcasts and readings

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