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Em Prof Bob Douglas is an Epidemiologist and Secretary of the new Commission.

Governments everywhere are ignoring the fact that climate change is just one of 10 human-made threats to our survival

Human extinction in coming decades looks increasingly certain, unless we can somehow, quickly engineer, radical transformative change in the way humans everywhere, live and relate to the planet.

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Some Good News at Last?

The recent announcement that the World Economic Forum will be holding a unique twin summit in January 2021 on what is termed “The Great Reset “is the best news I have read for some time.

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Thriving in a Mega-threatened World

The threats from climate change and pandemics to human well-being and even human survival, have recently become apparent to us all. There is growing recognition, that we must change our expectations and the way we live, in order to ensure … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS. Surviving the mega-threats to our world,

We humans are a threatened species, and it is mostly of our own making. To survive the ten mega-threats we must act fast, and we must collaborate.

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How can we elect political representatives who are committed to the interests of the whole community, and are not influenced by vested interests?

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BOB DOUGLAS:. A Prime Ministerial “Summit” on Australia’s Future?

We are at an historic moment of apocalyptic threat to the survival of the human species.

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BOB DOUGLAS: Is our current economic model fit for the purpose of human survival?

If we humans are to survive the catastrophic threats that now confront us, we must urgently rethink the way we live and care for our planetary home. In turn, that demands that we examine the role that economic theory and … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS. Responding to Greta’s Challenge

“How dare you pretend that this can be solved with just ‘business as usual’ and some technical solutions? …You are failing us. But the young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS. Changing Australian Refugee Policy: What is realistically and politically feasible?

Is there a new spirit of bipartisanship developing between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese? As well as discussing a bipartisan approach to the legislation of religious freedom and an indigenous “voice”, might they also consider a new bipartisan approach to … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS, Australia Should be Leading The Extinction Rebellion

Prime Minister Morrison is now in a very strong position to lead the way on radical policy reform. I am arguing here that we should help him to develop and promote a strategy for human survival in the face of … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS : Towards a proper policy on asylum seekers

Last month, the Victorian prize for literature and the Victorian Premier’s prize for non-fiction work were awarded to an Iranian refugee, Behrouz Boochani, for his book, “No friend but the mountains: Writing from Manus prison.”  

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BOB DOUGLAS. Would Australian politicians contemplate a strategy for human survival?

Why are governments around the world  avoiding the constellation of threats to survival of humans on the planet? 

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BOB DOUGLAS. My Unsolicited Advice to Australia’s political leaders.

This week I cheekily wrote to the leader of the Federal Opposition seeking an urgent appointment before he embarks on his party’s convention this weekend. Because I doubt that I will get to meet with him, here is what I … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS. Homelessness, a sign of increasing Australian Inequality that we must now address.

The growing number of people sleeping rough on the streets of our cities has alerted many Australians to the fact that Australia is no longer the egalitarian society we once were, and that, as in other western democracies, inequality is … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS. What will it take to restore governance to its rightful owners?

Around the world, and also here in Australia, voters are turning away from the political process, alarmed at the capture of political parties by vested interests, and alienated by the fact that the issues which concern and affect ordinary people, … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS. Changing drug law and practice to help rather than harm.

Last week Australia21, ( ), hosted a summit of experts on drug treatment, drug law and the social impact of drug use in Australia.  The signatories included a former Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, a former Vice-Chancellor of the … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS. Time for Australia to lead in building a safer future

A combination of hazards threatens the continued survival of human civilization on Planet Earth. They are all man-made – and most are being systematically ignored or under-rated by political decision makers everywhere and especially, here in Australia.

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BOB DOUGLAS. Towards social and political transformation.

British writer and columnist, George Monbiot, has recently published an important  book about national and global politics and the need for radical, cultural and political transformation. Entitled “Out of the wreckage: a new politics for an age of crisis”, the … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS. Changing the Economic Narrative. How Feasible and How Soon?

What will it take to develop a new economy in Australia that seriously addresses the problems of human inequality and environmental degradation? What is required to place radical economic reform properly on the Australian political agenda?  

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BOB DOUGLAS. How will we change the human story?

What do we need to do to make it likely that our children and theirs will inherit a flourishing, rather than a collapsing human world? Our politicians must surely be starting to realise that large numbers of Australians are thoroughly … Continue reading

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BOB DOUGLAS An algal industry ready to bloom

A high level Roundtable held in Canberra in November 2017 concluded that  algal technology can help to  protect the Great Barrier Reef and create new jobs and growth  for regional areas.

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BOB DOUGLAS. Are humans headed for early extinction?

Observing the national and international political scene, one could be forgiven for believing that all we need to do is promote economic growth and jobs and everything will be okay. We have become besotted with the idea that money and … Continue reading

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Bob Douglas and Claire Higgins. Beyond Operation Sovereign Borders.

Recently in The Saturday Paper Max Opray reported on the harrowing story of two 16 year-old Vietnamese asylum seekers, who have been removed from their Adelaide school without warning, and placed in closed detention in Darwin. The boys are among around … Continue reading

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