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Bruce Douglas Haigh is an Australian political commentator and former diplomat.

Remember the Stasi who ran East Germany’s government

The question taxing many, and one to be answered, is why are our security services and not the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade running our relationship with China?

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Does Australia need some 20th-century spying?

There is, or there should be, more to spying than high-tech electronics. As we have seen, it can get agencies into trouble. It can lead up the wrong paths, to dead ends and bear pits. We need to get back … Continue reading

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China policy – the children are in charge

Is the Australian Government serious about restoring the relationship with China? There are disturbing indications that it is not.

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The militarisation of Australia

The military in Australia has been played into a key role in the national narrative. Its achievements have been woven into myth. External threat has long been part of the political fabric.

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The unexceptional exceptionalism of America

There is nothing very exceptional about American Exceptionalism other than many Americans find themselves exceptional and demand that others do likewise. Australian Exceptionalism is risible.

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Trump has a problem with China – but what is Australia doing?

Since Trump became President the relationship between the US and China has deteriorated to the point that some observers talk of war. Why is this and what should Australia’s role be?

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BRUCE HAIGH. Balance the boat

Morrison and Dutton fail to understand the United States and China and what ought to be the nature of our relationship with them. LNP ideology rules. It is out of date and proving harmful.

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With the world in the grip of the Covid19 virus, there are lessons to be learnt and changes to consider. The pandemic has brought nations together who were eschewing the value of international co-operation. It has highlighted the need for … Continue reading

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BRUCE HAIGH. China on the move

Australia has to have a relationship with both China and America. Neither are perfect. China has a better idea of where it is going than America. Morrison is going all the way with Trump. That is not the answer.

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BRUCE HAIGH. International Relations are foreign to Morrison

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison appears out of his depth with foreign policy. There is a readiness to follow Donald Trump. From the Middle East to China and the Pacific, Morrison gives the appearance of not having done his homework and … Continue reading

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BRUCE HAIGH. There is no business like show business.

The relationship between John Howard and former AFP Commissioner, Mick Keelty, put the AFP in a bad place from which it has not recovered. The solution is a full blown inquiry followed by reform, a change of culture and better … Continue reading

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BRUCE HAIGH. The hourglass.

The more things change the more they remain the same.  It is imperative that the Morrison government not be returned at the forthcoming election. It is devoid of ideas for the future. It denies climate change. It is corrupt. It … Continue reading

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BRUCE HAIGH. Dutton ventures where fools fear to tread

The Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, has gratuitously interfered in the internal affairs of South Africa. His comments on what he termed ‘the horrific circumstances’ relating to white South African farmers, at the urging of white right-wing extremists, has … Continue reading

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