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Callum has a honours degree in political science from the University of Sydney which examined the influence key players in Australia's financial services industry exert over government. He is a sub-editor for P&I.

2020: a year in review for Pearls and Irritations

Despite the turmoil of 2020, Pearls and Irritations almost tripled in size. Perhaps 2020 was a year where independent comment and analysis was needed and appreciated more than most.

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Tamed Estate: Poor Gladys

Last week in the Tamed Estate, ICAC’s inquiry into former politician Daryl Maguire whose revelations about NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian completely overshadowed Kevin Rudd’s spectacular petition to set up a royal commission into the Murdoch press. Also, international propaganda efforts … Continue reading

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Tamed Estate: Budget Week

This week has been dominated by the budget. And that means the traditional pre-budget leaks dutifully reported by the media. These were followed by post-budget revelations that the budget announcement was full of already announced measures. 

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China diplomat urges end to ‘confrontation’ (AFR Oct 5, 2020)

One of China’s top diplomats has called for an end to ‘‘confrontation and abusive language’’ in increasingly hostile exchanges between Australia and China, saying the relationship can be salvaged through better communication by both countries. She blamed the Australian media … Continue reading

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Tamed Estate: Albanese follows Morrison’s lead

This week we see that Albanese is following in Morrison’s footsteps, with Morrison following the same path as usual. Meanwhile, Frydenberg is refining his dark arts, with Thursday night’s drops receiving no critical coverage. We also have a brief look … Continue reading

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Tamed Estate: Low Emissions, Insolvency Reforms, Responsible Lending and NBN Privatisation

Following on from the opener to the Tamed Estate released in both Michael West Media and Pearls and Irritations, we will be conducting a rolling watch for media failures and manipulations.

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Feeding the Chooks: Scott Morrison’s marketing triumph over mainstream media complete

Scott Morrison has perfected the art of media manipulation by briefing a select club of Canberra correspondents together, rather than leaking to individual media outlets. Callum Foote and Michael West report on the marketing genius of the Prime Minister and … Continue reading

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Social Distancing and Princess Cruises

Who wants to go cruising anymore?

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Kim Jong un letter to Donald Trump

Joke of the day

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DAVID WILLIAMSON supports Pearls and Irritations.

For years now, Kristin and I have been the grateful recipients of John and Susie Menadue’s daily online bulletin of informed and expert opinion, Pearls & Irritations.

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