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Cameron Douglas is an Australian business executive who visits Bangkok frequently.

Brave Thai students put government in a quandary

Student-led protesters in Bangkok are publicly demanding a fundamental change that was once merely thinkable – reform of the monarchy

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Thailand’s students revive their tradition of protest

Thailand’s authorities so far are responding relatively calmly to the latest political protests. They need to: like all nations, Thailand has had enough shocks in 2020.

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CAMERON DOUGLAS. Thailand’s future party now past tense

Thailand’s constitutional court has what must be unique powers to decide the fate of political parties – and the shape of national politics. It exercised its powers again last week. The latest party to threaten military-backed authoritarian rule there no … Continue reading

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CAMERON DOUGLAS. Court bans Thai military opponent

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has banned as an MP the leader of a new and successful political party that opposes the military and the current prime minister. It could turn out to be step 1 in ending his political career.

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CAMERON DOUGLAS. Thailand’s elections – horse-trading, according to plan

The results of Thailand’s first post-coup elections went well for the military junta, following their script for keeping control of  government in the name, and name only, of democracy.

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CAMERON DOUGLAS. Thailand’s military erect a democratic facade

Thailand is about to return to popular elections but the democratic facade will ensure the military remains the country’s fourth branch of government. New rules should confirm the 2014 coup leader as prime minister but will leave him relying on … Continue reading

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CAMERON DOUGLAS. The new Thai Constitution!

  Thais will vote in their first post-coup election towards the end of next year, after approving in a referendum a new constitution that will usher in an era of paternalistic democracy. The referendum was held on Sunday, August 7, … Continue reading

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CAMERON DOUGLAS. The military coup and the Constitution in Thailand.

  Thais will vote in a referendum on Sunday (August 7) to approve, or reject, a new constitution. This will be the post-coup government’s second attempt to implement a new national charter. The constitution would usher in a form of … Continue reading

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Cameron Douglas. Thailand and the military junta – an update.

Thailand’s military government got almost all it wanted in the country’s draft constitution, which will now be put to the people in a referendum on August 7. The next four months, however, will be a rough time for Thailand: the … Continue reading

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Cameron Douglas. The Thais do many things well … governance is not on the list.

Thailand is nearing the end of extended efforts to write a national constitution – known as Constitution 20/2, as it is the second shot at putting together the 20th charter since the abolition of absolute monarchy in 1932. Thais do … Continue reading

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