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Cameron Leckie served as an officer in the Australian Army for 24 years. An agricultural engineer, he is currently a PhD candidate.

And then there were three – Australia’s dwindling oil exports

With a growing dependence on imports, Australia will become more vulnerable to disruptions to supply. It will not be easy to quantify the disadvantages. And it will be extremely difficult for governments to decide what level of insurance against disruption … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles, A Partial Solution At Best

Claims have been made that Electric Vehicles can largely replace oil fuelled vehicles. These claims overlook critical factors that indicate that Electric Vehicles are a partial solution at best to Australia’s liquid fuel predicament.

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Oil, our sword of Damocles

Eighty percent of global oil production needs to be replaced by 2040 to meet projected demand. It is increasingly likely, particularly post COVID, that much of this oil production will not be replaced. There is an urgent and existential need … Continue reading

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The opportunity cost of the new cold war.

Australia, perhaps unwittingly and with very little in the way of public debate, has unnecessarily involved itself in a new cold war between the United States and its allies on one side and Russia and China on the other.

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Avoiding a century of humiliation for ourselves.

The “Century of Humiliation” is indelibly imprinted in the psyche of modern China. Australia’s current position towards China is inviting our own century of humiliation as we ratchet up tensions alongside a United States whose hegemonic power is rapidly collapsing.

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CAMERON LECKIE. Fear mongering by a think tank funded by arms manufacturers.

Having a strategic policy think tank co-funded by some of the world’s largest arms manufacturers is inconsistent with providing sound policy advice that is in the broader national interest. Peter Jennings recent Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) Strategist article is … Continue reading

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CAMERON LECKIE. False Assumptions a Threat to National Security

Crucial assumptions underpinning Australia’s defence posture have now been proven false. The Australian Defence Force is also becoming too expensive to operate and changes are required in the interest of national security.

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CAMERON LECKIE. Catabolic Collapse: Round 2

COVID-19 is far from being the end of the world, but it does signify the start of the second cycle of a process known as catabolic collapse.

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CAMERON LECKIE. The Real China – Russia Threat

The real threat posed by China and Russia to the Western world is not a military one.

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CAMERON LECKIE. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute is mired in the past.

The latest fearmongering by ASPI on the military threat posed by the Russia – China partnership is not helpful to either our future security or prosperity.

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CAMERON LECKIE. The Australian Mainstream Media: Propagandists on Chemical Weapons

One of the most effective tools of the propagandist is the power of leaving out.

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CAMERON LECKIE. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons: Corrupted!

Two whistle-blowers from the world’s chemical weapon watchdog raise serious concerns about the impartiality of the OPCW. The whistle-blowers indicate that the findings of the OPCWs report into the alleged 2018 Douma chemical weapons incident do not align with the … Continue reading

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CAMERON LECKIE. Government Myopia and Liquid Fuel (In)security

Without water we humans die within days. Without oil our society, as currently organised, will follow a similar path. Given the obvious importance of liquid fuels to society, a realistic appraisal of future availability is essential. Unfortunately the Department of … Continue reading

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CAMERON LECKIE. Here we go again! Yet another false flag incident?

Sun Tzu in the Art of War stated that ‘All war is based on deception.’ We should keep this in mind whenever a major international incident occurs. The application of Occam’s Razor, keeping an open mind and considering a range … Continue reading

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CAMERON LECKIE. The global war of terror and the demise of the empire

As a young Army officer, watching Prime Minister John Howard’s announcement of the deployment of Australian military forces to Afghanistan in late 2001, I remember the extreme disappointment from both my soldiers and I that we would not be going … Continue reading

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CAMERON LECKIE. Built on a tower of lies.

The world is going, or perhaps has gone, crazy. How else can we explain Trump, BREXIT, the Gilets Jaunes (yellow jackets) in France, new weather records becoming a regular event, or an ever intensifying Cold War between the Russia, China … Continue reading

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