Cavan Hogue

Cavan Hogue is a former diplomat who has worked in Asia, Europe and the Americas as well as at the UN. He also worked at ANU and Macquarie universities.


  • Cavan Hogue. Russia and the G20

    Contrary to some media reports the G20 did not mention Russia in any of its documents and criticism came only from the West. Nothing happened which is likely to change Russian attitudes or actions. The Russia bashing by Australian politicians and media is not likely to worry Russia and the criticism by Western nations is… Continue reading »

  • Cavan Hogue. The new Vietnam.

    ​We seem to be rushing forward to the past in the Middle East and it looks increasingly like a rerun of Vietnam which began with a request from the Saigon Government (that we had to ask for), initial popular support for intervention against the Communist bogey, followed by disillusionment and defeat. A domestic political asset… Continue reading »

  • Cavan Hogue. Stick versus Carrot in Ukraine?

    A major problem with the situation in Ukraine is that you can’t believe anything anyone says because they all have their political agendas to push and don’t hesitate to lie. Crimea, Odessa and the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine have Russian majorities who would produce a majority for being part of Russia in any free… Continue reading »

  • Cavan Hogue. Russia boycott.

    Anyone with any knowledge of Russia could have told the Prime Minister that his gratuitous public and personal attacks on Mr Putin and on Russia in general would lead to retaliation. Russia was left with no other option except humiliation and Russians are too proud and too sensitive to accept that. So the Australian Government… Continue reading »

  • Cavan Hogue. The hype of D-Day

    ​ The hype about the Normandy Landings on D-Day reflect a deep seated prejudice in the Australian press, public and politicians. Tony Abbot wants to use our minimal contribution to milk the occasion so he can be seen amongst the great and powerful and this is understandable but the claim by Abbott and our media… Continue reading »

  • Gavan Hogue. Quo Vadis Thailand?

    Thaksin undoubtedly engaged in some corrupt activities. Whether he was more corrupt than the other mob is hard to say but he did get the numbers by actually doing something for the poor peasants especially in the depressed areas of the north and northeast. His critics accuse him of pork barreling but that is a… Continue reading »

  • Cavan Hogue. Russia and the West.

    The USA and NATO seem to see their relationship with Russia as one of goodies and baddies. This is naïve and their hairy chested approach is not helpful. This paper looks at the realities of Russian attitudes to the outside world. Many foreigners write off Vladimir Putin as a “fascist”, a communist throwback, a brutal… Continue reading »

  • Cavan Hogue. Russia, Ukraine and Crimea.

    Western rhetoric about the situation in Ukraine shows little understanding of the realities of Russia and Ukraine. If Western countries want a new cold war they are going the right way about it. It is a complex problem which cannot be solved by superficial noises about democracy and territorial integrity. Crimea is a special case… Continue reading »

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