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Professor Charles Sampford is Director of the multi-university Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law headquartered at Griffith University. Charles topped politics, philosophy and law at Melbourne, combining them in his 1986 Oxford DPhil. In 1991, Griffith approached him to be their Foundation Dean of Law. He has led the only Australian Research (ARC) Centre and only ARC network in law or governance and has led governance projects on five continents. Visiting appointments have included a Senior Fellowship at St John’s College Oxford and Senior Fulbright Award to Harvard. In 2008, his work on ethics and integrity systems was recognised by the ARC as one of the 20 researchers across all disciplines who had had the greatest impact. He has completed 32 books and over 150 essays and articles. He is also a Barrister with various Board appointments.

The US does not need a wannabe Lincoln or Churchill, it needs a Leo Amery

Trump likes to see himself as a wartime president like Churchill or Lincoln. The Brits flattered the first proposity by giving him dinner in Churchill’s birthplace, Blenheim Palace.

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CHARLES SAMPFORD. Investigate both the origins of, and ALL responses to, COVID-19

The Australian government has no business hitching its star to Donald Trump or to poke the Chinese bear by promoting a one-sided investigation. 

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CHARLES SAMPFORD. Perils of Dichotomies and Perverse Incentives: from ‘essential’ jobs to hibernating c ompanies

In making and explaining major policies on the run, it is easy to slip into confusing dichotomies and create perverse incentives. Unsurprisingly, the Job Keeper program is one of them.

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