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How Steve Bannon tried to destroy Pope Francis (Counter Punch 3 Jan, 2021)

At the outset, I cannot emphasize enough the tremendous value and insight provided for the framing of this reportage by What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About #MeToo by JoAnn Wypijewski, an important anthology of sex crime journalism … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky: Three major threats to life on earth that we must address in 2021

Large parts of the world—outside of China and a few other countries—face a runaway virus, which has not been stopped because of criminal incompetence by governments.

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The coup in Washington: Why is anyone surprised by Trump’s fascist politics?

As I write this, pro-Trump protesters have stormed the U.S. Capitol building seeking to impose Trump’s attempted coup on America. Trump’s hand in stoking the coup is apparent on multiple fronts. He’s been disseminating and mainstreaming baseless electoral fraud conspiracies … Continue reading

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Brexit bluster exposes the waning of English power

I met pleased and gloomy people in the first half of last year when I travelled around the UK writing about the potential impact of Brexit. But by far the happiest of those I interviewed were veteran Irish republicans in Belfast, mostly present or past … Continue reading

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Even the Opposition Believes Venezuela’s Election Was Legitimate. A failed US coup attempt

Before the National Assembly elections on December 6 in Venezuela, the United States government began a campaign to delegitimize the process.

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Ending America’s Forever Wars (CounterPunch, Dec. 4)

There was a time, almost two decades ago, when America was not at war throughout the greater Middle East. Events in November 2020 boosted the hope that such a time might return sooner rather than later. That was when Trump … Continue reading

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Election 2020: a Democratic Mandate or a Vote Against Trump? (CounterPunch Nov 24, 2020)

Every election year is accompanied by countless analyses of why Americans voted the way they did. The 2020 election is no different.

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The 8.1 Million Vote Landslide (CounterPunch Nov 11, 2020)

Some folks are seeing this election as a squeaker for Biden since we saw close races in key states. This has concealed the fact that Biden actually is winning the popular vote by a large margin. Since many votes are … Continue reading

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