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Dr David Shearman AM PhD FRACP FRCPE, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Adelaide

Does the desire for power over-ride saving lives by acting on climate change adaptation?

A key role of government is to save lives. It has done this admirably for Covid-19 at huge expense. It will  need to do the same regarding climate change adaptation if we are to protect human health and lives.

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The continuing loss of plant, animal and reptile species has dire consequences.

While cats provide much-needed companionship, they are also genetically programmed killers. Cats have devastating effects on biodiversity, which is vital for food security. .. Estimates are that domestic cats kill 61 million birds a year and those becoming feral kill more … Continue reading

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The economic conductor of the catastrophes of climate change and biodiversity loss

The human brain seems unable to grasp the magnitude of the global problems we face in moving to ways of sustainable living and governance systems which can deliver a secure future for our children.

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Three cheers for health workers who care for patients, communities and the planet

During the Covid crisis doctors and heath care workers have been a ‘light on the hill’ for service and dedication to humanity. By September 2020 over 7000 around the world had died from Covid contracted at work.

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The Royal Commission bushfire report must lead to a national Climate Adaptation Policy

The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements (Bushfire RC) report is eagerly awaited not only by eminent fire fighter Greg Mullins who hopes it will lead to action to reduce climate change emissions but by all anxious Australians who … Continue reading

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LobbyLand. The politics of fossil fuels – the pits!

Fossil fuel lobbying is a cancer inflicting death, illness and misery on Australian society. How does it operate, what are its impacts and how can society allow this disabling condition to continue without treatment?

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The EPBC Review says good-bye to environmental and human health on Planet A

The Samuel Report and its rejection of an independent regulator by the Minister have ‘grave’ implications for the health of countless communities around Australia.

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The Battle of Narrabri may well decide our climate future

Approval for the Narrabri gas project will say goodbye to any hope of an effective climate policy and usher in an expanding national gas industry with a rise in emissions and untold direct damage to the sustainability of this drying … Continue reading

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Our political processes have failed us on climate change and the environment.

The Covid crisis will be controlled in a few years with new pharmaceuticals, vaccination or gradual human attenuation or immunity. Its lasting impact may well be from its distraction from addressing the crises eating away our life support systems.

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Coming Crises in Sustainability and Health will challenge the PM in his Leadership of the National Cabinet

Mr Morrison has created a National Cabinet to drive a “singular agenda” to create jobs. If it functions successfully as it has done over Covid, it will be a masterstroke of governance allowing state leaders from both major parties to … Continue reading

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The Climate Tide roars in, yet leaders fail to understand and act

Climate change is a massively complex ‘wicked’ problem hence solutions require human capacities of logic and imagination guiding action. Our leaders appear bereft of science-based logic, acknowledging neither magnitude nor urgency of climate change.

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DAVID SHEARMAN. After Covid-19 the ‘New Normal’ must have ‘Real Universities’ acting on the Climate Crisis

The Market Forces UniSuper divest campaign details continuing UniSuper investments in fossil fuels despite many concerns expressed by academics and despite the progressive climate change crisis. Do the Universities have responsibilities?

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DAVID SHEARMAN and MELISSA HASWELL; The EPBC Act Review is a once in a decade chance to prioritise our Environment, our Health and our Future

After COVID 19, many of us have a flicker of hope that our government will apply some of its demonstrated sense of responsibility on medical advice to the larger health emergency on our doorstep.

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DAVID SHEARMAN and PHIL SHEARMAN; Anguished Scientists and the Collapse of Democracy

In the clouded eyes of government, scientific facts, which have guided our technologically advanced civilisation are now simply an opinion which can be discarded in favour of their own.

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DAVID SHEARMAN. The Unrelenting Desire to Export more Coal

Australia has become the climate change pariah of developed countries which are trying to deliver a fair share of emissions reduction.

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DAVID SHEARMAN. As the Liberals rest on their climate laurels, Labor must bite the coal bullet

As the smoke from our bushfires circles the Earth and other developed countries admonish our indolence on climate change, we are deluding ourselves if we hope for government action on emissions.

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DAVID SHEARMAN.-Doctors urged to engage with water policy concerns and a timely review

he climate and health emergency must remind doctors and the community that water is one of our life support systems and its scarcity in Australia will bring human misery, displacement of individuals and towns, and failures in food production.

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DAVID SHEARMAN. I have a Dream; Resurrection of Westpac as a Sustainability Bank

I have a dream that the outrageous performance of Westpac could lead to fundamental reform and the genetic engineering of one of the identical quads, the BIG4 banks which do not fulfil community needs or financial stability.

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DAVID SHEARMAN. Australia is defenceless against an advancing foe (Croakey, 05 November 2019)

Our Government maintains the primacy of the economy in all its deliberations. Even when mental health gets attention through the Productivity Commission it is with a view to “improving mental health to support economic participation and enhancing productivity and economic … Continue reading

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DAVID SHEARMAN. Formulating a medical response to a deadly disease of disordered thinking (Croakey 16-10-19)

 As much of the rest of the world wakes up to the climate crisis, Australia continues to be “a kingpin” of global fossil fuel promotion.

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DAVID SHEARMAN. Climate change diplomacy, one big step for humanity

As fire, flood and drought ravage swathes of the Earth, communities around the world are realising that climate change is accelerating and climate emergencies are declared. Many governments fail to act and quibble about fulfilling the meagre responsibilities of the … Continue reading

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DAVID SHEARMAN. Obligations to the World’s children in the climate emergency.

This government is not fit to govern on the climate change emergency because of its incapacity to grasp the imminent danger to Australia, our neighbours and indeed the world. Today science strongly indicates we have only a few decades to … Continue reading

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DAVID SHEARMAN. Parliamentary reform is vital to address the complex problems of environmental change.

The poor standing of politicians and the lack of expertise in their ranks and Ministries increasingly results in inadequate policy in complex problems such as climate change. It is essential that the next government commences reform of Parliamentary processes and … Continue reading

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