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Dr Don Edgar, OAM, is a sociologist, an Ambassador for NARI (National Ageing Research Institute) and Foundation Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

The Power of Attorney and abuse of the elderly

Australia has a long way to go and COVID is lifting the scab revealing how neglect and absolute indifference have exposed these communities of older people to an end of life nightmare.

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Humanities Fightback:  CASSH Skills VS STEM.

Just how do Universities respond to Minister Tehan’s diabolical plan to neuter the brainpower of the next generation through engineering their debt burden by more than doubling fees for Humanities Degrees?

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Proposed University Funding is Policy Ideological Vandalism

Minister Tehan’s targeted university funding proposal is part of an ongoing government plan to destroy the ‘hotbeds of left-wing ideological fervour’ seen as centred in arts and social science faculties.

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DON EDGAR. Elections, the arts and regional development

In all the pre-election hubbub about taxes, national deficits, the environment  and what else to spend our money on, there is scant attention being paid to the arts – an area which nurtures the soul and takes us beyond everyday … Continue reading

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DON EDGAR. Right-wing populism and family values

It is disturbing to find dogged anti-abortionist, anti-gay proselitisers such as MP Kevin Andrews and Endeavour Forum’s Babette Francis still representing Australia’s views at European far-right conferences. 

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DON EDGAR. Looking for the cuckoo in the mental health nest.

As a researcher, I have always been suspicious of statistics touted as incontrovertible truths; and of propagandists for a cause who claim to be the holders of effective remedies for complex social problems.  The current ‘truths’ being touted (and winning … Continue reading

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DON EDGAR AND PATRICIA EDGAR. University reforms needed for the longevity economy.

Tinkering at the edges of university financing and student loan repayments ignores the tsunami of social change that is the real challenge for Australia’s future higher education system. Nick Xenophon is right to call for a full-scale inquiry into higher … Continue reading

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