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Evan Jones, now retired, lectured in political economy at Sydney University for 34 years. His current preoccupations are malpractice in the Australian banking sector, French politics, and mainstream media disinformation.

Loosen lending rules – Oyez!

Treasurer Josh Frydenburg is very foolish. Like Treasurers Joe Hockey and Scott Morrison before him. And dangerous. Not content with the  idea to further cut taxes (while worshiping the dual deities of Reagan and Thatcher), Frydenburg fronts a new scheme … Continue reading

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Unmaking socio-economic cohesion Part 2

The neoliberalist ethos has been a long time in gestation and cultivation. Society, social order and the role of the state in such are alien to it. Economists are a large part of the story – indeed the centrepiece?

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Unmaking socio-economic cohesion – part 1

While the Morrison government promulgates the US’ and Australian ‘shared values’, the nightmare that is the American health system looms large. Yet dominant opinion since the 1980s would have Australia mimic the US’ and Thatcherite Britain’s ideological predisposition.

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Banking business as usual

If the banks make concessions to borrowers deprived of income due to the pandemic it will be their first socially considerate act since financial deregulation.

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EVAN JONES. The state and the economy

Right-wing governments are splashing the cash  – what gives? Neoliberalism is temporarily being abandoned, but will it continue after this crisis is over?

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EVAN JONES.- Fires. Are they Australia’s Potemkin Moment?

The French economist and social critic Frédéric Lordon recently penned an article on his blog at Le Monde Diplomatique titled “The Potemkin Moment”.

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EVAN JONES. Freedom of the press: to what end?

The Australian media have been running a campaign for freedom of the press, under the rubric The campaign asks: ‘When government keeps the truth from you, what are they covering up?’ A worthy cause. One needs to go further … Continue reading

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EVAN JONES. The gaping hole in the Royal Commission’s final report.

The Banking Royal Commission’s Final Report has generated much froth and bubble in the media. Hayne has chosen to emphasise the sins of the finance sector in the ‘wealth management’ arena (financial advice, insurance, super – the last superficially). Media … Continue reading

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EVAN JONES. Systemically corrupt capitalism.

Capitalism has been analysed to death in academia and elsewhere. Thus we know that capitalism is structurally conducive to exploitation, to the production and reproduction of class-based inequality, to the degradation of nature, and so on. Such analysis is of … Continue reading

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