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Garry is a retired educator, member of the Catholic Church, and is interested in developing new approaches to emerging problems, particularly within the Catholic Church in Australia. Articles contributed by Garry to Pearls and Irritations in recent years include: Consultation as seduction. 30 April 2018; Inertia or Inability, 3 April 2019

Consumatum est: is the Australian Catholic church finished?

Can we save Jesus from the Church?

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The Australian Catholic Church’s silent treatment

Changing the culture of the church should be the major task for the Australian Bishops. After all, the first and only independent assessment of that culture, by the Royal Commission into the sexual abuse of minors, described the culture as … Continue reading

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A dissenting opinion on a key Discernment Paper for the National Plenary Council of the Catholic Church in Australia 2021-2022

It is not so much what the paper says; it is what the paper omits, that has attracted initial criticism.

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