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Most recently consultant to the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund (Sep 2019 – March 2020). Previously Chief of Staff to Senator Kim Carr (Shadow Minister/Minister for Innovation, Industry Science and Research 2017-2019; 2009 - 2013). Other experience includes senior executive roles at Professionals Australia (2016-2017), in the Commonwealth Department of Human Services (2013-2015), CEO of Sports Medicine Australia (1999-2009), adviser to other federal Labor politicians (Brian Howe, Jenny Macklin, Lindsay Tanner 1995-1999), various roles in the contemporary music industry and as a TAFE and secondary school teacher.

Dentists, overtreatment and policy deficiencies

A recent article in Pearls and Wisdom discussed the issue of “overtreatment” (the provision of unnecessary or low priority care) in dentistry and the associated issue of the conflict between ethics and profits.

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“The most lamentable engineering disaster in Australia”…?

Echoes of one of the great public policy failures of this nation are starting to grow louder.

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“You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…..” Like manufacturing!

As part of the post-COVID recovery, the Morrison Government has announced a “package” to revive manufacturing. But why does manufacturing need to be revived?

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Hydrogen, but not for the Hindenburg

In Mafia folklore, when faced with an existential crisis, the mobsters would “go to the mattresses” a euphemism for dropping everything to engage in a life and death struggle with their enemies.

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It’s a gas, gas, gas.

With the Federal Government announcement of a gas-lead recovery (and as a potential centrepiece having the large coal-fired power station, Liddell in NSW, replaced by gas generation) Australians can now have both lower emissions and lower energy prices. High fives … Continue reading

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Managing Perception: what’s real and what’s not

How much should we, as a nation, stress about how others perceive us – and what can we do about it?

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The perils of privatisation and outsourcing.

Waste of government money is the inevitable consequence of government’s funding the private sector to deliver a public good.

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