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George Browning is president of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN). He was Anglican Bishop of Canberra Goulburn 1993 -2008.

Prime Minister: Saying you no longer intend to cheat on climate change does not merit applause

The Prime Minister has brushed off his failure to gain a speaking role at the Glasgow global warming summit as inconsequential. But the reality is that the Prime Minister and his government continue to fail us.

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George Browning. Is the Anglican Church about to split?

‘The Conversation’ recently published an article co-authored by Dorothy Ann Lee and Muriel Porter under the heading “Is the Anglican Church about to split? It is facing the gravest threat to its unity in more than 200 years”.

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A Warrior Culture

The Prime Minister warned us that we would be in for some shocking reading as the report into Australian war crimes in Afghanistan was released. That there were 39 alleged murders, and 19 Australian soldiers involved, is indeed shocking.

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Military and Economic Deals aren’t ‘peace arrangements’ just because Trump says so (Canberra Times Sep 19, 2020)

‘Peace’ is not in the air, (Carlill, Canberra Times, 16/9). The deal done between Israel, Bahrain and the UAE, boastfully brokered by President Trump, has little to do with ‘peace’, but much with military hardware and hoped for economic gain.

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Bernard Collaery, East Timor and Governmental Duplicity

The extent of the outrage and the reason the government is desperate to keep hidden its unlawful behaviour through the prosecution of Bernard Collaery and Witness K has now had a little further light shone upon it. 

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Do we share the same values as the US?

No, we most certainly do not

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GEORGE BROWNING. Trump vs Christianity

 Just as Muslims worldwide have been expected to stand up against the appropriation of their religion by extremist ideologies that have expressed themselves in various forms of terror, so the Christian community must make it clear that Christ and the … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Australia’s two personalities-pandemic and climate change

In recent domestic policy and international engagement Australia is demonstrating two contrasting personalities. One is demonstrated through our response to COVID 19 and the other through our troubled inability to form responsible climate and energy policy. Why do we have … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. The power of narrative: Nakba, annexation and antisemitism

Friday, 15 May, was Nakba Day, ‎ Nakba, (al-Nakbah, literally disaster, catastrophe, or cataclysm), is a commemoration of the events in 1948/1949 which saw approximately half the pre-war Palestinian Arab population driven from their homes.

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GEORGE BROWNING. Australia turns its back on the rule of law

Australia’s efforts to block an International Criminal Court investigation into alleged war crimes in Palestine are inexplicable, given the court’s brief to investigate abuses from all sources, be they Hamas, Palestinian paramilitary, or Israel.

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GEORGE BROWNING. Trump’s definition of peace in Israel

The strong prevail – the rest submit

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GEORGE BROWNING. Change the date!

The reasons why the date for Australia Day are contentious will not go away. 

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The philosopher, Sir Roger Scruton, the darling of contemporary conservative politics died  on  12 January 2020 aged 75. Tony Abbott is reported to have said that if John Locke is the father of western political conservatism, Roger Scruton is its … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING.- How good are the fires?

The country clearly owes a debt of gratitude to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his government for their sterling leadership, their visionary approach in vastly changed and challenging circumstance and for their assurance that under their leadership all manner … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Morrison Government you are a disgrace

NSW is alight, and it is still not the right time to talk about Climate Change!!!!! What message of commitment did we have to give the world community in Madrid? – nothing. You said Australia is reducing its emission year … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Peace on Earth, Good will towards all: Tale of Two Jerusalem Prizes

The holy city’s name focuses the universal longing for peace: the hope, indeed the expectation that diversity and difference do not need to issue in animosity, injustice and violence, but in mutuality, enrichment from the other’s difference.  It is associated … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Please Leave.Please Come Back

In his speech at last week’s Sydney synod, Archbishop Glenn Davies made it clear he wished those who support the blessing of same sex marriage unions to leave the Church because ‘you cannot bless sin’. Subsequently he attempted to clarify … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Zionism – the ugly truth

Alex Ryvchin’s article “Zionism and the big lie. How Soviet anti-Semitism shaped contemporary anti-Zionism”, published through the ABC’s “Religion and Ethics” site, is too cute by half.  Of course the strong critique of current Israel (which likes to call itself … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. We are the company we keep – A theology of eating

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has announced he is to go to Washington to have dinner with President Trump. In the past such an invitation would be considered a great honour, especially as few other world leaders receive similar invitations. But … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING Former Middle East diplomats urge PM to reject Trump Middle East plan.

In response to the Kushner announcement about an economic plan for Palestine, 18 former Australian diplomats have written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison calling on him not to support the plan. The signatories include two former Australian Ambassadors to Israel … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Democratise Energy: Reform Taxation: Save the Planet.

Stuck in a traffic jam every day on the way to work do you imagine this is the way it is always going to be – only a little worse? If your livelihood is agriculture, like your father and his … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Is Christian Zionism contributing to the Israel Palestine Impasse?

The insidious influence of Christian Zionism on domestic American politics and through these politics on actions that prevent a just outcome to the Israel Palestine impasse is far deeper and more threatening to peace and security than is popularly understood. … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all Humankind

Is ‘peace on earth, good will to all humankind’ a cruel fantasy? Are we destined to live in increasingly walled off environments, afraid of losing the little advantage we think we have? I have recently returned from 10 days in … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Nationalism: the world’s greatest threat

We owe President Emmanuel Macron a debt of gratitude for yesterday’s speech in Paris. “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism,” the French leader said. “In saying ‘Our interests first, whatever happens to the … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. The Jerusalem Embassy thought bubble.

To contemplate moving the Australian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to shore up the chances of the Liberal candidate for Wentworth, Dave Sharma, is a small but very significant example of what is horribly wrong with Australian … Continue reading

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​Along the evolutionary trail we have somewhat ambitiously called ourselves homo sapiens, or humans who are sapient – knowing or wise. The truth of the matter is tragically far from this: we seek to resolve difference through violence rather than … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. The Prime Minister: personal faith and public values

On 29th August comedian Tom Ballard chose to parody the faith of the new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, on the Tonightly ABC series by contrasting his perceived lack of love or concern for refugees with his espoused love of Jesus.  … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Alternative facts & fake news – the lubricant of conservative politics.

We are spending an inordinate amount of money on ‘defence’ and ‘security’ to protect ourselves from an enemy without, but it is now clear that we face a far greater threat from the enemy within, revealed through ‘alternative facts and … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Domestic Violence

Last week we were confronted with domestic violence in the most tragic of circumstances as a NSW father became the brutal killer of his two teenage children. Most Australians will have found this news inexplicable. How could a father submerge … Continue reading

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GEORGE BROWNING. Child sexual abuse, the Church and the Royal Commission.

The findings of the Commission have sent shock waves through the institutional Church and generated disgust in the wider community. Is there any good news, any reason to hope for something better? 

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