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George Mickhail is an LSE trained academic and a geopolitical risk analyst with 30 years’ experience in major global accounting firms and business schools. His research focuses on MetaCapitalism and mapping the geopolitical threats of global financial networks. He comments regularly on political economic affairs and his research is cited in the media.

The China Import Ban:The disturbing facts and figures.

It is yet to be seen if Australia’s establishment will come to repair its diplomatic relationship with China anytime soon in order to avoid losing 39 percent of our export income and adding one million workers to the unemployment queues.

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The CIA can’t kick its old Middle East habits

Unless it was an ‘intended’ consequence of CIA machinations for Muslim Brotherhood ideologues to have access to experienced Jihadists militias whenever and wherever they were required, US foreign policy calculus may have gone awry.

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Turkey’s Erdoğan is upsetting CIA’s plans in the Middle East

Turkey has been ‘belligerent’ with its destabilising influence in Central Asia and the Mediterranean. Since Erdoğan’s rise and consolidation of executive powers, he has been unashamedly outspoken about his desire to bring the Sunnis and Shiite together in a neo-Ottoman … Continue reading

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Dromo(Klepto)cracy: The New Security World Order

Our society is opting out of debate through the machinations of a neoconservative credo that purports reason. Under the guise of the spectacle of freedom and democracy, such dogma exploits public disorientation following massive collective shocks to achieve control, by … Continue reading

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Is Hong Kong a repeat of the CIA-sponsored Iranian coup?

The unmistakable parallels between Hong Kong SAR 2019 protests and the CIA sponsored 1953 Iranian Coup d’état is yet another ‘(c)overt’ U.S. government interference to influence and disrupt other states that challenge American hegemony.

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Islam, Communism and the Belt and Road Initiative

Soon after the Bolshevik uprisings, Communism and Islam seemed destined to liberate the Muslim world from European Imperialism, but that was not to be due to their ideological differences. 

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The 1953 Iranian coup d’état Neoliberal Doctrine

The CIA sponsored 1953 Iranian coup d’état has become the blueprint for the neoliberal doctrine of colour revolutions, and the primary cause of world tensions today.

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