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About Henry Bateman

Henry Bateman is an artist and writer whose work has been published and exhibited in Australia, Asia and America. He has been living an increasingly carbon free(ish) lifestyle since 2005.

HENRY BATEMAN. What Malnutrition Looks Like.

As the ABC incorporates round the clock disaster warnings into its scheduling, other programming is showing the consequence of resource deprivation.

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HENRY BATEMAN. The time to act is upon us.

To survive the impending climate catastrophe, we must speak to the big end of town in the only language they really understand.

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HENRY BATEMAN. What are they Thinking?

While not wishing to mitigate the horror of our current bushfires, they do present an opportunity to re-engineer our electrical system with a similar experience to the one Wi-Fi brought to telephony.

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HENRY BATEMAN. Digging Holes After the Bushfires

Is repeating our short sighted, business as usual thinking to recapture our economy after the bushfire holocaust the smartest way to face climate change?

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