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Hsin-Yi Lo is a freelance writer. She was a journalist with Newsquest UK and has worked in the community media sector. She holds a degree in international relations, media/communications and a masters in multimedia journalism. Hsin-Yi writes about media, social issues, current affairs, international politics and multiculturalism

Royal family in shambles: It’s time to seriously talk about becoming a republic

When Harry and Meghan’s (unofficial) biography Finding Freedom is released, we knew it would cause a bit of a storm. Disunity, along with the Prince Andrew scandal, could potentially destabilise the fabric of the British monarch but why is there still … Continue reading

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Why studying humanities is more important than ever to counter one-sided debates trend

In the age of science, technology and the obsession with faster living, studying humanities at university continue to decline. However, I believe it’s not the end for this “dying” discipline because critical thinking skills is needed more than ever to … Continue reading

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