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James Laurenceson is Director of the Australia-China Relations Institute with the University of Technology, Sydney.

China enters 2021 a stronger, more influential power — and Australia may feel the squeeze even more

Great power competition in the Asia-Pacific region has been building for years. But COVID-19 has turbo-charged the shifts taking place and China is finishing 2020 in a significantly stronger position compared with the US than when the year started.

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Why Australia is on its own in its trade conflict with China (Australia-China Relations Institute Dec 2, 2020)

As China piles on the trade pressure, the reality of Australia’s economic place in the world has been laid bare: it is on its own.

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Clear-eyed responses as well as assessments needed on the PRC

Being clear-eyed about China under Xi Jinping is one thing. But managing the relationship effectively also requires Australia to be clear-eyed about the effectiveness of our policy options in response.

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PM strikes the right balance in managing China ties

Allowing the federal government to terminate deals with foreign powers is better than going down the Trump road of bans and aggressive decoupling from China.

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We should seize the olive branch offered by China.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says that Australia must “speak with one voice” when engaging with foreign governments and their related entities. All eyes are on Beijing.

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The Myth of Chinese Money in Australia

Fears amongst the Australian public of China buying up the country run deep. Opportunistic politicians and commentators have long shown a willingness to tap into this unease to boost their own following.

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JAMES LAURENCESON.- China Trade Questions confound Australia’s Indo-Pacific shift.(EAF 5.1.2020)

The ‘Indo-Pacific’, stretching from the eastern Indian Ocean to the Pacific, is the Australian government’s framing of the international environment for its foreign policy.

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JAMES LAURENCESON. China in a time of change.

 China and the Technology Race To deliver rising living standards to its citizens, China needs to move up the production value chain. Technological progress and innovation are at the heart of this. That is why US measures to restrict China’s … Continue reading

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JAMES LAURENCESON. Morrison’s visit to the US shows his common ground with China (AFR 25-9-19)

Scan the headlines generated by Scott Morrison’s trip to the United States and you could get the impression that the Australian government is increasingly tilting towards supporting Washington in its economic war against Beijing.

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JAMES LAURENCESON. The efficacy of being very vocal: Australia and human rights in China (ACRI)

Last week’s news that the Australian Dr Yang Hengjun was being moved to a criminal facility in China was, to use Foreign Minister Marise Payne’s words, “deeply disappointing” to say the least.

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JAMES LAURENCESON, MICHAEL ZHOU. Small Grey Rhinos: Understanding Australia’s Economic Dependence on China (Australia-China Relations Institute)

  Australia lives with an acute ‘fear of abandonment’. In security terms this fear has underpinned Australian foreign policy settings for decades. Recently, doubts about the reliability of the United States as Australia’s security guarantor have sent Australian government ministers … Continue reading

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JAMES LAURENCESON. Australia’s China debate.

Australia’s China debate is frequently cast in terms of ‘doves’ versus ‘hawks’, with the former also receiving the tag of being ‘pro-China’ and the latter designated ‘anti-China’. In fact, the common ground between these two groups is expansive.

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JAMES LAURENCESON. American Interest

Australia is a US ally, and Washington is inevitably interested in understanding Canberra’s approach to managing its relationship with Beijing. It can also be expected that the US will seek to influence the approach that Australia adopts in view of … Continue reading

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James Laurenceson and Hannah Bretherton. What Australians really think about a rising China.

Current Affairs What does China’s rise as a major power mean for Australia? The answer depends on who you ask. In March 2015 the Sydney Morning Herald’s International Editor, Peter Hartcher, described China as a fascist state that bullies its … Continue reading

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