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Dr Jeff Kildea is an Adjunct Professor in Irish Studies at the University of New South Wales and an historian of early 20th-century Australia.

Susan Ryan: a daughter of St Brigid

Long after Susan’s passing, Australians, and Irish-Australians in particular, will continue to be enriched by the legacy that this daughter of St Brigid has left us.’

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Like Banquo’s Ghost: Hugh Mahon and the Eden-Monaro by-election

The name Hugh Mahon has appeared in the news recently in connection with the Eden-Monaro by-election caused by the resignation of Labor’s Mike Kelly. Like Banquo’s ghost, Mahon’s appearance during a by-election for an opposition seat strikes fear into the … Continue reading

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Habemus Taoiseach: Ireland has a new government at last

Last Friday evening, as white smoke wafted from the chimney above Ireland’s parliament building, Leinster House in Dublin, the Ceann Comhairle (Speaker) came out onto the steps and announced to the assembled throng in Kildare Street, ‘Habemus Taoiseach’ (We have … Continue reading

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The Irish Elections of 2020 – Are We There Yet?

After almost six weeks of negotiations agreement has now been reached between the leaders of Fine Gael (FG), Fianna Fáil (FF), and the Green Party (GP) to form a coalition government in Ireland.

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JEFF KILDEA. The Irish Elections of 2020 – still no government

Almost four months after the Irish general election on 8 February 2020 Ireland is still without a government. What’s been happening and who is running the shop during the Covid-19 crisis?

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JEFF KILDEA. How many Australians died of Spanish Flu? Take your pick

The advent of Covid-19 following on so closely from the centenary of Spanish influenza has led to a renewed interest in that last great pandemic. Yet, more than 100 years after the event, there is still a wide discrepancy in … Continue reading

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JEFF KILDEA. Lessons to be learned from the Spanish flu pandemic of 1919 – Part 2

By the end of February 1919 the NSW government, by prompt and strict measures, had, in today’s parlance, ‘flattened the curve’. But the worst was still to come.

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JEFF KILDEA. Lessons to be learned from the Spanish flu pandemic of 1919 – Part 1

COVID-19 is the worst pandemic Australia has faced since the visit of the ‘Spanish Lady’ just over a century ago. What lessons can we learn from that earlier experience?

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JEFF KILDEA. The Irish Elections of 2020

Perhaps, after almost 100 years, the time has finally arrived when we can declare the Irish Civil War to be over.

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