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John Bushell is a Sydney based retired value and risk management consultant. His experience includes facilitating studies in the public and private sectors on a wide variety of projects and product development including road and rail infrastructure and process engineering investments. His focus with clients has been to ensure that project or product 'value' and 'risk' are understood together so that clients do not wind up unwittingly 'buying risk'.

Could ‘corporate clean conversion’ save the economy and the planet?

The recent second wave outbreak of Covid-19 at the Crossroads Hotel in Casula, NSW creates an apt metaphor for the climate crossroads at which nations globally now find themselves.

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“The Emperor has no clothes!” – should we invest in CCS?

The federal government will shortly vote on whether to significantly increase taxpayer funding of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology in order to support ‘business as usual’ for the fossil fuel industry. Would this be a wise public investment?

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