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John Carlin is a journalist, author and columnist for both English and Spanish language newspapers.

Get Well, Mr. President?

There are many who were being a touch hypocritical when they sent get well messages to Donald Trump. Like St. Augustine, who prayed “Oh Lord, make me chaste, but not yet,” they would prefer that he recovered but only after … Continue reading

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JOHN CARLIN. Discrimination and Inequality

The Covid-19 virus discriminates against the old. The young are hardly affected. The lockdowns around the world required everyone to live in a cage, young and old. Now that the restrictions are being relaxed, it is inevitable that governments are … Continue reading

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JOHN CARLIN. Living with Death – the Coronavirus Paradox

The coronavirus presents us with a paradox: none of us want to catch it, but all of us wish we had recovered from it. It is only a matter of time before those who have had it will be given … Continue reading

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JOHN CARLIN.-Groundhog Days

Daniel Defoe’s Journal of the Plague Year, about London’s “Great Plague” of 1665, makes us resign to the fact that we learn nothing from history.

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JOHN CARLIN. The Corona Virus and Camus’ “The Plague”.

Camus concludes that “in the midst of so many afflictions” what one learns is that “in man there are more things worthy of admiration than of contempt.”

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JOHN CARLIN.- Time of Opportunity

The Corona virus could be a time of opportunity for the human race.

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JOHN CARLIN. The Mad Viruses

As in the case of Mad Cow’s Disease, if people believe there is a crisis, there is one.

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John Carlin. Caroline Flack and Freedom of Opinion

Suicide as a result of trolling on the internet is a modern trend. The problem with legislating away the trolls is that it comes up against freedom of expression. The internet is certainly a new phenomenon that has made the … Continue reading

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John Carlin. A Cold Civil War

There is a cold war going on in the world between those who believe that truth is important and those who don’t care if their leaders lie.

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JOHN CARLIN. Brexit Has Happened: Good Night and Good Luck

The divorce has gone through, and now begin the negotiations as to who gets the house, the car and the kids.

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JOHN CARLIN. And Now, Spexit!

If you have to appear in court, England is a better place to live. The Spanish are outraged that the European Court of Justice, like their German and Belgian counterparts, have refused to extradite the Catalan independence leaders to Spain. … Continue reading

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JOHN CARLIN. England is a Country in Decline

H.L. Mencken said that democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. The English are going to get it good and hard by electing Boris Johnson.

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JOHN CARLIN. The New Normal

Recently, President Trump was convicted and fined $2m for stealing $2.8m from a charity meant for war veterans. No one batted an eyelid. Boris Johnson continues to lie and the same thing happens. Now, in Spain, Vox, the Francoist Party … Continue reading

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JOHN CARLIN. Aliens Out There

We humans have never been so determined as now to make contact with life somewhere else in the Universe. Most people surveyed support such contact. It may not be such a good idea. 

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JOHN CARLIN. The Bolivarian Dream

John Carlin was invited to a conference in Venezuela. However, when he arrived at immigration in Caracas, his visa was refused because of a critical article he wrote about the country in 2007. He was put on a flight back … Continue reading

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JOHN CARLIN. The Catalan Argentinians

The treatment of the Catalans by the Spanish government over the last decade has meant that support for an independent Catalonia has tripled. If Madrid had agreed to a referendum years ago it is almost certain that the vote for … Continue reading

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JOHN CARLIN. The Universal Sin

The rich countries of the world sometimes go over the top about racism, and in doing so, cheapen examples of real racism. The latest example involves the Portuguese football player with Manchester City, Bernardo Silva.

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JOHN CARLIN. Wrestling with Pigs

Trump deserves to be dismissed, but the impeachment process will only play into his hands. It will give him the opportunity to wage a populist war in which anything goes. Boris Johnson has ditched the admirable English tradition of fair … Continue reading

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JOHN CARLIN. Let Them Shoot Themselves

Boris Johnson will go down in history, not as a Churchill he so much admires, but the prime minister who led his country into humiliation and global irrelevance.

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