K Beauchamp

K Beauchamp ran the national Freedom of Information Legislation (FOIL) Campaign with Professor John Macmillan AO and the late John T D Wood AM, co-founding Rupert Public Interest Movement with them also, has worked across many years in support of whistleblowers, and has published on numerous public interest issues. Beauchamp is the author of 'Fixing the Government Everybody's Guide to Lobbying in Australia'. She is currently Co-Director of The New Literacy Programme.


  • Witness K: was his guilty plea coerced?

    After years of suffering oppression, delays and injustice from his employer the Federal Government, Witness K, finally pleaded guilty before a closed court for disclosing classified Commonwealth material to his lawyer about Australia’s dirty antics against East Timor. Two days of sentencing hearing are set down for Thursday and Friday. But was his guilt plea Continue reading »

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