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Kim Wingerei is a former business-man, turned writer and commentator. Passionate about free speech, human rights, democracy and the politics of change. Originally from Norway, lived in Australia for 30 years. Author of ‘Why Democracy is Broken – A Blueprint for Change’.

KIM WINGEREI. A Secular Nation

Australia is a secular nation. It is enshrined in our constitution, yet we have a Prime Minister and many others in Parliament who don’t quite seem to understand what that means. The Ruddock report reveals not only state laws in … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. (Art) encounters of the Jones kind.

When the artist by the name of Banksy had his own artwork shredded, it was his right. It was (and is) his own artwork and he wanted to make a statement about his work being sold at an auction. But … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. The Ghosts of Eureka.

The Ghosts of Eureka are still haunting us. Terra Australis has come a long way since the rebellion of 1854, but that last crucial step to become a fully independent nation again, remains elusive.

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KIM WINGEREI. The politics of change – reviews of Michelle Grattan’s anthology and Laura Tingle’s Quarterly Essay.

As trust in our political leaders continues to decline, writings and commentary decrying the malaise in which our democracy finds itself are booming. Everybody has a view of what’s wrong. Much of it along similar lines of lack of leadership, … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. The responsibility of free speech.

I don’t like what Steve Bannon has to say. I find Nigel Farrage’s attempts at shrouding his anti-immigration messages in “Judeo-Christian values” abhorrent. But I am also quite certain that neither pose more nor less of a threat to Australia … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. Au dair – it may be legal, but it ain’t right.

From waving Au Pairs through the immigration queue, throwing money at unsuspecting charities and denying medical treatments for children – to ignoring climate change and the bullying culture that is endemic to party politics; what the last few weeks of … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. The Legacy of the Lucky Generation

Mine is the lucky generation – our parents endured hardship, enjoyed unsurpassed economic growth and shielded us from the past. But what will be our legacy?

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KIM WINGEREI. The Political Games of Mediocrity.

John Menadue and Ian McAuley pointed out in ‘A new leader, but no sight of leadership’ the lack of leadership in the Liberal Party. And it’s not just the one party, the lack of leadership in Australian politics is firmly … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. Vale the two-party system – the elephant in the room (Part2)

As Malcolm Turnbull was pushed from pillar to post on his National Energy Guarantee and renewable targets over the last month or so, Bill Shorten and his team were enjoying the spectacle from across the aisle. At no point did … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. Vale the two-party system – long live democracy (Part 1)

On Monday the Fairfax-Ipsos poll showed that the combined support for Labour and the Liberal/National coalition was 68% – down almost 10% since the 2016 election. In other words, one third of voters prefer neither party. On Tuesday, we witnessed … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. Condemning Neoliberalism is not enough. Democratic reform is long overdue.

The use of labels in the public debate is too often a lazy way of dismissing an idea or an opponent. However, Richard Denniss’ use of neoliberalism in his recent Quarterly Essay works well. He uses it as a catch-all … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. The ABC needs relevance, not lifestyle!

When Socceroo defender Aziz Behich put the ball in his own net during the recent World Cup, handing France the win, Australia groaned in collective disappointment. He didn’t mean to, and he is already forgiven. But when CEO Michelle Guthrie … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. You cannot kill what’s already dead!

Apparently, the sale of Fairfax to Nine is the end of journalism in Australia, the triumph of the cheque book as the only arbiter of a good story and the death knell of democracy. Paul Keating – that most eloquent … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. The stakes are too high – the party is over!

Listening to journalists and commentators on the hustings this week, the apathy of the electorate stands out more than ever. As seasoned political commentator Laura Tingle said on the ABC’s 7:30 report: “we are seeing a level of disillusion and … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. The Naked President.

I try to refrain writing about Trump, he gets much more attention than he deserves! But the problem with Trump is not Donald Trump. The problem is not the people that elected him, nor the media that supports him. It … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. Democracy is not just about elections!

A flood (by my modest standards) of social media comments to my recent post – We have to talk (about) Turkey – was a poignant reminder that so many believe that democracy is mainly about free elections. The way many … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. We need to talk (about) Turkey.

Democracy is under threat. From Vienna to Washington, Caracas to Istanbul, men with scant regard for the institutions that uphold democracy have been elected, threatening civic freedoms not just in their own countries, but setting dangerous precedents for others to … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. Political Donations is a Scourge on Democracy

Despite the many rules in place to regulate it, donations remain a scourge on our democracy. The ill conceived ‘Funding and Disclosure’ bill is stalled in the Senate. What we need are simple regulations or maybe even banning political donations … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. The longevity vacuum.

Short term thinking has taken hold of our society at all levels – our political leaders rarely see beyond the next poll or the next election, and in many ways they are responding to a populace that is equally sucked … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. Cultural Appropriation: Political Correctness gone bad – it is all about respect!

The debate on Cultural Appropriation needs to be put into perspective, and the hoary old chestnut of Political Correctness derails proper debate – it is all about respect!

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KIM WINGEREI. Book review of “Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom” by Thomas E. Hicks, Pulitzer Prize winner.

At first glance they may seem like an odd couple, but their influence on the seminal events and the thinking of the 20th century is equally profound. Winston Churchill defined and led the resistance against the tyranny of Adolf Hitler; … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. Political Donations Must End!

Political donations are a scourge on democracy.  No business, corporation, organisation or individual gives without the expectation or hope of an outcome, and it fundamentally undermines the democratic decision making process.  Banning all donations to political candidates, representatives and political … Continue reading

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KIM WINGEREI. Book Review of “Reboot – A Democracy Makeover to Empower Australia’s Voters” – by Richard Walsh

The respect for our politicians is at an all-time low. Voters of all ages, but especially the young, are turning away from the political discourse in disgust; The recent citizenship debacle and the same sex marriage plebiscite that wasn’t, have … Continue reading

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