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Lionel Orchard holds academic status as Associate Professor in the College of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University. He previously taught public policy in the Graduate Program of Public Administration at Flinders. His recent publications include as co-editor with Chris Miller, Australian Public Policy: Progressive Ideas in the Neoliberal Ascendancy, Policy Press, Bristol, 2014.

The Palace Letters, the Dismissal and Australian Politics

The release of the Palace letters has reopened debate about the most significant political crisis in Australia post World War 2. We have been reminded again of the unresolved trauma and passion unleashed by John Kerr’s dismissal of the Whitlam … Continue reading

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LIONEL ORCHARD. COVID-19 and the Role of Government

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the fragilities and inequalities in our economy and society. It has driven dramatic public policy responses careful not to disrupt the underlying economic balances. Will we be more willing to be bolder particularly about the … Continue reading

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LIONEL ORCHARD. Home Ownership, Social Housing and Progressive Housing Policy for Changing Times

The foundations of a balanced and equitable housing system in Australia have been corroding for some time to a point where ways forward are becoming more vexed. Questions about how to respond are difficult because of the legacy of neglect … Continue reading

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LIONEL ORCHARD. Don Dunstan in Perspective: A Review

ANU historian Angela Woollacott has written a major biography of Don Dunstan reflecting on his place in the pantheon of reforming Australian Labor politicians. A review of the biography follows.

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LIONEL ORCHARD. Centre Left Strategy in the face of Election 2019

The debate about the reasons for the result of election 2019 covers many issues including the coherence or otherwise of the Labor strategy. For social democrats, a key question is where to now. Third way thinking about wealth generation before … Continue reading

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LIONEL ORCHARD. Hugh Stretton in retrospect and prospect: reflections on Graeme Davison’s selected writings.

Graeme Davison has edited a new selection of Hugh Stretton’s writings. Stretton’s work is widely admired but how relevant is it now? Davison presents an assessment. A response follows.

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LIONEL ORCHARD. Housing Policy: a social democratic response

The missing element in current debates about Australian housing policy is consideration of the social democratic case for building a genuine mixed economy in the housing system respecting the different purposes of the sectors involved – public, private and household. … Continue reading

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Lionel Orchard. A tribute to Hugh Stretton.

Hugh Stretton, one of the greatest social scientists and public intellectuals that Australia has produced, passed away in late July after a long illness. His legacy as a thinker, writer, activist, advisor, teacher, mentor and friend is vast. Those of … Continue reading

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