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Max Costello LLM, now retired, is a former prosecuting solicitor with WorkSafe Victoria. He is the author of “Offshore Crimes”, The Monthly online, 22 September 2017; and co-author, with Robert Richter QC, of submissions 75 and 75.1 to the Senate’s 2019 ‘Medevac repeal’ Committee. He co-authored, with Margaret Sinclair & Eleanor Davey, the Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) submission (no. 68) to the Senate Committee examining the ‘Prohibiting Items’ Bill – a submission posing several of the above-suggested questions.

Australia’s ‘rule of law’ system leaves millions unprotected: Part 2

Part 1 discussed the role of law-makers (parliamentarians) and law-implementers (public servants). Part 2 discusses the role of law-interpreters (judges) and law-enforcers, including a non-regulating regulator, Comcare.  

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Australia’s ‘rule of law system’ leaves millions unprotected: Part 1

The rule of law ‘system’ is not an amorphous single entity – government – but involves law-makers (such as prime ministers and other ministers), law-implementers, law-interpreters, and law enforcers. Their work has left unprotected several million vulnerable people. How? This … Continue reading

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“Help!” trumpets the elephant, “I’m being bullied by a mouse.”

The ‘elephant’ is Peter Dutton’s mega Department of Home Affairs; the ‘mouse’ is the mobile phone of an immigration detainee.

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