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Michael is the contributing editor for The New Daily. Journalist, commentator, speaker, rugby follower, would prefer to be skiing.

MICHAEL PASCOE. RBA awakes – Australia is not getting the wage rise it needs

The laws of supply and demand for labour are broken. The Australian economy is not getting the wage rises it needs and there’s no sign of that changing.

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MICHAEL PASCOE. The Australian government’s hypocritical stance on PNG corruption.

It’s illegal for Australian entities to bribe foreign entities, but apparently we’re perfectly happy to take dirty money from bribed foreigners and consort with corrupt leaders. Malaysia’s prime-minister-in-waiting, Anwar Ibrahim, called us out on Friday, expressing a view that Australia … Continue reading

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MICHAEL PASCOE.  Fear and loathing in superannuation – Liberal and industry fund conspiracy theories

The Productivity Commission’s recommendation that all superannuation funds have an independent chairman and board seems reasonable, yet industry funds are vehemently opposed to it. Meanwhile the industry funds, on average, clearly outperform their retail opposition, but the Liberal Party has been … Continue reading

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MICHAEL PASCOE. Profit-rich private health insurers burning billions on non-health costs

Australian capitalism’s sheltered workshop, the private health insurance industry, is burning billions of dollars a year unrelated to Australians’ health.

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MICHAEL PASCOE. Budget 2018: The ‘Middle Australia’ tax cuts are a con

No, Scott Morrison is not promising average Australians significant tax cuts. To use a technical term, the proposed cuts are ‘bugger all’. The Treasurer is promising a radical flattening of the tax scale to primarily benefit the top tier of income … Continue reading

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MICHAEL PASCOE. It’s confession time and there’s much for the government to confess

If confession is good for the soul, key government figures should be mightily uplifted by the admissions now pouring out of them, however obliquely.

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MICHAEL PASCOE. The reality of our ‘scary’ China confrontation.

Fresh on the heels of the Chinese invasion of Vanuatu that wasn’t, febrile minds have been seized by the headline-grabbing story of a Chinese navy “confrontation” with the Royal Australian Navy. The Prime Minister was quickly ready in London to assert Australia’s right … Continue reading

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MICHAEL PASCOE. The banking royal commission – it’s even worse than it looks

If you think the banking royal commission is big, you’re wrong. It’s much bigger.

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MICHAEL PASCOE. What’s the story behind the Dastyari story?

What do leaking spooks, a dashed Dastyari and a dubious donor say about our most important trade partner?

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