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For the last 10 years, Michelle has been involved in research and campaigning for various organisations seeking to reduce warfare and militarism. An abiding interest is the prevention of corruption via increased transparency and accountability. She is currently researching 'revolving door' links between government/military and the weapons industry.

Pork Missile: Government fires cash at weapons-maker EOS in Battle for Eden-Monaro

ACT remote weapons systems manufacturer, Electro-Optic Systems Holdings, that has hitched its wagon to countries known to be engaged in gross violations of human rights and likely war crimes, wins big from the Coalition’s weapons announcement on eve of election, … Continue reading

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MICHELLE FAHY. Are Australians paying for secret US weapons tests at Woomera?

Australian taxpayers will fork out close to $1 billion for the Woomera Range Complex upgrade, used by the ADF, the US and UK. With revelations that the US military denies Australia access to computer source code needed to operate key … Continue reading

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MICHELLE FAHY. Brothers-in-Arms: the high-rotation revolving door between the Australian government and arms merchants

A disturbing number of Australia’s military personnel, senior defence and intelligence officials and politicians leave their public service jobs and walk through the ‘revolving door’ into roles with weapons-making and security-related corporations. Nowhere is government and industry more fused than … Continue reading

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MICHELLE FAHY.- Afghanistan ‘is not a war without a purpose.’

The Washington Post has obtained formerly secret information about the Afghanistan\ war, collected from military leaders, diplomats and others. Their account strongly contradicts that of successive US administrations.

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MICHELLE FAHY. Selling arms with impunity

Australia’s military industry exports are increasing rapidly fuelled by $195bn in federal funding to 2025-26 and strong collaboration between federal, state, and local governments and agencies. Team Defence Australia showcases Aussie weapons-making ingenuity at arms expos world-wide, all year round. … Continue reading

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MICHELLE FAHY. Invictus Games do nothing to remedy government failure to properly care for veterans

No amount of royal fairy dust or ministerial speech-making at the Invictus Games can hide the abject failure of successive Australian governments to fulfil their moral responsibility to veterans.

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MICHELLE FAHY. Invictus Games, glossing over inconvenient truths-the arms trade and the British royals

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have arrived and the media frenzy has erupted, fuelled by news of the royal pregnancy. As media coverage goes, the Invictus Games team couldn’t have managed it any better. Yet, when it comes to … Continue reading

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MICHELLE FAHY. ACT Government provides much needed leadership on refugees.

Last Thursday, the ACT Government passed a strongly worded motion calling on the Federal Government to end its “damaging, cruel and inhumane policy” on refugees. It requested that the Federal Government immediately remove all refugees and asylum seekers from Manus … Continue reading

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