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Former Chairman of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand and of the Australian Government's National Multicultural Advisory Council and Business (Migration) Advisory Council Council.

We all need to get on board the campaign for First Nations Voice to Parliament

The Uluru Statement’s heart-rending plea, “In 1967 we were counted, in 2017 we seek to be heard” highlights its umbilical connection to the 1967 Referendum. However, this doesn’t guarantee similar success for the call for a First Nations Voice to … Continue reading

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Time To Release The Magic Pudding of International Education From The Covid-19 Freezer!

International education had become the quintessential Magic Pudding that not only kept regrowing no matter how much we feasted on it, but became bigger every year! At least, until Covid-19 put it into the freezer!

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Home Affairs is too heavy handed to handle immigration

The 2020 Budget highlighted the dependence of Australia’s economic growth on a continually rising population. The Covid-19 border restrictions have caused negative net migration for the first time in more than a century. In a double whammy, the pandemic-induced anxieties … Continue reading

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The Uluru Statement: An offer of redemption and reconciliation from the original sin that migrants all carry

May 26 2020 was the third anniversary of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. It was also the day the news of George Floyd’s murder broke which explains why the Statement had fewer headlines and opinion pieces in the Australian … Continue reading

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Indian Australians: supporting Black Lives Matter will make us feel we belong

In The American Bazaar on 20-07-20 Revathi Siva Kumar asks: “Have the people from the land of Mahatma Gandhi done enough for the oppressed African Americans? How many of them stood in solidarity with the protesters against police brutality and … Continue reading

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Palace Letters: Bring On The Republic! How To Ensure A ‘Yes’ Vote This Time!

John Kerr’s correspondence with the Palace before he dismissed Gough Whitlam highlights how irrelevant the British Monarch is as our Head of State. That the dismissal of a Prime Minister wasn’t even brought to her attention, and was instead handled … Continue reading

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Adopting aspects of India’s non-alignment while honouring our US defence alliance

The escalating tension between China and Australia threatens our economic health. India’s Non-Alignment Foreign Policy shows a way to get back from the brink without sacrificing our independence, while still meeting our obligations under the ANZUS Alliance.

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Constitutional recognition, representation and affirmative action in India

Indigenous Australians have been seriously disadvantaged for far too long. It’s time for a treaty and a radical affirmative action program to close the gap in one or two generations. There are significant lessons to be drawn from India’s pioneering … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter, Gandhi and Makarrta  

The challenge for the Black Lives Matter protesters is to maintain their rage and commitment to their cause as Gandhi did to his, while remaining scrupulously non-violent.

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India’s human capital: A gift that keeps on giving

India is now Australia’s largest source of skilled migrants, the largest provider of temporary skilled specialists and second-largest source of overseas students.

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NEVILLE ROACH. Historic Summit between Australian and Indian Prime Ministers.

Does It Finally Signal A New Dawn In The Australia-India Relationship? 

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NEVILLE ROACH. Temporary Highly Skilled Migration – a lifeline that needs managing, not axing or cutting

The issue of temporary skilled migration is again controversial, most recently following Kristina Keneally’s questioning of the size of all forms of migration. It shouldn’t be so. Properly managed, it remains an essential and extremely beneficial program.

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NEVILLE ROACH. Lessons for Morrison and Albanese from Churchill’s Shock Loss in 1945

Scott Morrison’s leadership in the Covid-19 War has boosted his popularity, suggesting he will win the next election against Labor. However, such a conclusion would be premature.

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NEVILLE ROACH. International student in Australia post-COVID-19

Australia’s tertiary institutions, reliant on tuition paid by overseas students, and the Federal government need to understand why these students choose this country if Australia is to remain a competitive international destination post-COVID-19.

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