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CHRIS NYLAND. Perhaps Not a Good Time to Poke the Dragon?

A number of commentators have expressed surprise that Canberra would provoke China at a time when the Australian economy may be desperate to increase exports!

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DENNIS RICHARDS. Trumpism redefines American exceptionalism

Americans shamelessly believe that their nation and their culture are superior and exceptional. Under Trump America’s reputation around the world is depleted. There is a real danger that his may become permanent should Trump be re-elected in November 2020.

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ANNA YEATMAN. Our politicians, we realise, can actually govern.

Human survival and wellbeing must become the ethical basis of all government.

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MICHAEL POWELL Morrison seeking unimpeded power

Conservatives always seek unimpeded power and Scott Morrison is no exception. Some cynics suggest this is a ‘right to rule’ mentality, but it is not. It is a duty. A ‘right to rule’ is arrogance; a ‘duty’ is more sinister … Continue reading

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The sight of Centrelink queues snaking around the block past shuttered shopfronts in cities, suburbs, and towns across Australia leaves no doubt that COVID-19 is having a big impact on Australian unemployment. But just how big?

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ALLAN BEHM. Time to Rethink National Security

Following the summer bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic has smashed even further the livelihoods and the lifestyles of many Australians. The hit to the national economy will be comparable to that of WW2.

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TERRY SLEVIN. The Silver lining on the coronavirus cloud.

Among the extraordinary health devastation, and social and economic disruption of COVID19, comes some benefits.  Will we be able to identify and capture them and will we be able to sustain them? Will public health become a higher priority for … Continue reading

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A Couple of Dummies

Terrific medical advice.

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NICHOLAS WHITLAM. Malcolm Turnbull, A Bigger Picture (Hardy Grant Books, 2020)

When Malcolm Turnbull was dumped as Prime Minister he joined his namesake Captain William Bligh in having been twice removed by his subordinates. Turnbull spends much of this book telling us who betrayed him on both occasions, but he gets … Continue reading

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GLENN WITHERS. Virgin Australia: Voluntary Administration and Beyond

Australia is a big country. Airlines help keep our population together. But the Covid-19 crisis has decimated traffic and exposed some basic financial problems in our aviation industry.

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INGEBORG van TEESELING. When white Australians fought against the Maori for control of their land. (The Big Smoke 4.6.2018)

The ANZACS fought together first, not in 1915 but much earlier in the 1840/60s in the Maori Wars.

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SOOK JONG LEE. COVID-19 infects international organisations (East Asia Forum 21.4.20)

On 14 April 2020, US President Donald Trump announced a halt on US funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) as his administration reviews its handling of COVID-19.

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ISABELLE REINECKE & BELINDA LOWE. Strong democratic systems will see us through COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has rapidly hit every aspect of our lives. Governments are making life or death decisions during this emergency period that will reshape the face of our nation for decades to come.  Strong democratic systems that enable transparency, … Continue reading

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KERRY GOULSTON, THANH NGUYEN AND OLIVER FRANKEL. Vietnam’s success in containing Covid-19

Relative to most other countries, including Australia, Vietnam seems to be faring extremely well in the shadow of the current coronavirus pandemic, and has recently earned praise from the WHO. Vietnam had only 275 confirmed cases of Covid-19, and thankfully … Continue reading

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LIZ GRIFFIN. Why has the Republic of Korea’s campaign against coronavirus been so successful?

Korea has won plaudits globally for its response to COVID-19. Despite Korea being one of the first countries hit hard by the pandemic, its swift response is paying dividends as its population have been able to avoid large scale lockdown … Continue reading

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ARTHUR STOCKWIN. How will COVID-19 reshape the world? (EAST ASIA FORUM 15.4.20)

The Second World War led to radical changes in national governance and the international system. Something similar may occur following the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The quick reversal of orthodox government policy triggered by COVID-19 in many countries around … Continue reading

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CHRIS BREEN. Defend the right to protest – free the refugees.

On Friday April 10, in Melbourne, a safe car convoy protest organised by the Refugee Action Collective called for the urgent release of refugees in the Mantra hotel in Preston because of the threat of Covid-19. It was stopped by … Continue reading

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ED CORY. Border Security in a Pandemic

A ship docks in Sydney, some passengers are sick. Starting in the still dark morning, the passengers commence disembarking and head home. And all hell breaks loose …

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JONATHAN FORD. The battle at the heart of British science over coronavirus (FT 15.4.20)

When it came to foot-and-mouth and Sars, we used to be the ones telling China how to respond, but now the boot is on the other foot. The Asians are in the lead and they’ve responded well. We’ve done poorly.

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PERCY ALLAN. Central banks must print money for nation rebuilding (AFR 15.4.20)

An idea from 1930s Germany could now give voters hope that there is a growth plan after the virus passes.

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OWEN BARDER. Time for a “Love Actually” moment

There is a precedent. One of George W. Bush’s first acts as president in 2006 was to reinstate the “global gag rule” which withdrew US aid from organisations that counsel women about abortions or to advocate for liberalized abortion laws … Continue reading

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BRIAN COYNE: The Bolt-Pell interview: It was “vintage Murdoch”

Stir up the emotions of Benny-Ratz’s little people

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LEANNE SMITH. What Matters to Australia’s Young Citizens?

If we want our children to have a stake in our democracy and our society, we have to treat them as valued citizens and engage with their concerns. Not because of the leaders they might one day be, in our … Continue reading

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LYNDSAY CONNORS. Learning the value of teachers’ work

The shock of dealing with the realities of the coronavirus pandemic has  forced our prime minister to realise that schools are fundamental to our democracy and that teachers are on the front line of society and should be valued accordingly.

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JONATHAN PAUL MARSHALL. Pandemic Action and Climate Action

The pandemic has shown that the world is quickly able to organise against crisis. Can this new-found ability be carried through into responses to climate change? Pandemic action and climate action have much in common.

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Singapore Prime Minister’s message to foreign workers

What a contrast to Australia’s treatment of foreign workers.

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RICHARD HAASS.The Pandemic will accelerate history rather than reshape it(Foreign Affairs 7.4.2020)

We are going through what by every measure is a great crisis, so it is natural to assume that it will prove to be a turning point in modern history.

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GARY MOORHEAD. CSL- It Could Have Been Worse; Can It Be Better?

Back in 2010, Australia’s privatised Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (now CSL) was being tempted to move its vaccine research facilities to Switzerland, where it had been promised a better tax deal.

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NEVE GORDON. For Us in the West, the Lockdown Is Meant to Save Lives. In Gaza It Will Kill Many (07.04.2020 HAARETZ)

When people started to share the Facebook post “Dear world: How is the lockdown? – Gaza,” I felt uncomfortable. Though the posters sought to generate empathy for the 2 million Palestinians trapped in the Gaza Strip, the attempt to compare the … Continue reading

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WITNESS J in the Pell case. I am content. Do not be discouraged.

I respect the decision of the High Court. I accept the outcome.

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