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Peter Gerrand spent over 20 years as an engineer in the telecommunications industry, before becoming a professor of telecommunications at first RMIT and then the University of Melbourne. He has served as an independent expert advisor to the ACCC and to the former telecommunications industry regulator AUSTEL. These days he is an honorary professorial fellow at the University of Melbourne, and an active member of the NBN Futures Group.  Website bio:

Joining the dots on Huawei

The banning of Huawei from Australian 5G network infrastructure needs a rethink in view of the drastic retributions by China on the Australian economy.

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How 5G is different – explained without jargon

5G has hit the headlines through the banning of Huawei’s 5G network technology in several countries. But what is 5G? And how is it different from what we have already?

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