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Peter Henning was an activist small farmer in Tasmania who opposed the building of Gunns’ pulp mill in Tasmania, and the destruction of water catchments and agricultural land by MIS monocultural agribusiness and the industrial pulpwood industry.

Frydenberg knows nothing of Voltaire

Fydenberg’s misuse of Voltaire is a complete travesty, a total misrepresentation of Voltaire’s beliefs and values. Voltaire fought against the kind of political power enabling the incarceration of people deemed to have no rights under the law, as in the … Continue reading

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“We are one and free” – sarcasm, lie or delusion?

Perhaps Morrison got muddled, fuddled and confused about what he was saying, and got the anthem mixed up in a marketing message about something else, like being “one and the same” with Donald, two sides of the Legion of Merit.

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Fever Pitch: Who’s an Enemy of the State?

“The character of our own government at present is imbecility,” said Samuel Johnson to James Boswell.

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Morrison’s Trumpist Dilemma: A Credible Revisionist Narrative is Impossible

The Morrison dilemma then, in the face of all the damning evidence, is how to create a revisionist narrative to gloss over his love-in with Trump, a herculean task requiring all kinds of miraculous shape-shifting, chameleonism, burning of bridges and … Continue reading

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Senator Eric Abetz: A career of negativity and division

Wouldn’t it be nice if Sarah Cooper did a lip-sync covering the career of Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz?

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